Long time NO POST

T&K baby quilt2e

LONG TIME NO POST… just trying to get caught up on life. We are having new flooring place in the living room and I have put things into storage, given away a lot of STUFF! I have gotten very little sewing done. I took the evening off and finally got my baby quilt put together… it took forever because it stayed up on the design wall instead of being worked upon.

I did do a lot of mindless sewing in that I made over 500 NINE PATCHES… 3 inches in size. I started this quilt years ago and decided that since I could not do much else I could sew the nine patches. My strips were already cut out… I just had to sew them together. Boy the difference quilt classes and practicing good technique makes. The NINE PATCHES I made in 2005 and 2006 are totally wonky… Why because I did not know how to cut, press or sew accurately. But they are going in the quilt as is. This is a MAKE DO QUILT / FINISHING A UFO type project so if they are wonky… that is okay with me. The important thing about these blocks is they hold up together and do not fall apart .. if some are the wrong size I will compensate for the discrepancy in the next step when I assemble the rows. I will be blogging about this in the future.

Well this is all the NONNIE NEWS FOR NOW. MY podcast is still down but I hope that in March I will be able to post a podcast. We will see. I am planning to go to the RICKY TIMS SEMINAR in south east MI this spring ( MAY 2-3-4.)

Happy quilting to all,





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