Mindless Sewing : Journal January 20, 2012


Sunday, January 20, 2013
7:51 PM

I took a little break from blogging, but I was able to do some quilting. I had promised myself to do nightly 15 minutes of sewing and I have done that but just barely. The mad house which is my home right now has prevented me from working on my baby gift. I have been able to work on a UFO that I started in 2009 and never got very far with the quilt. A group of us started making 3 inch Nine Patches to exchange but when we went to exchange I realized I did not like their fabric and they did not like mine. I also think there were some technique and quality control issues…. YOU know 3.5 inch patches that were not 3.5 inches. We came to the agreement to keep our own patches.

McCalls 2009 / Skyward Nines
McCalls 2009 / Skyward Nines

I revised my plans for my patches when I went through my folders of magazine clippings. I found a picture of a Nine Patch quilt I always admired. I decided to make it… only bigger. For the past two weeks I have been doing MINDLESS SEWING. In that I have scrap bags of left over fabrics and have been cutting them into 1.5 by 5.5 strips. I then sew them into NINE PATCHES. Any small chunks get cut into 1.5 squares then sewn into a scrappy nine patch. I currently have over 200 nine patches but I need over 200 more. So every night after dinner I am trying to sew for 15 minutes. What I am finding is that the 15 minutes stretch into an hour. I think I have made good progress.

I call this mindless sewing because I am not being 100% fanatically careful with these patches. A lot of my seams do not match up. They are kind of wonky. The strips came from previous projects I had made and some of my patches will be smaller than the 3 inched finished. I am doing a lot of fudging of the blocks to get them made. I am in a USE WHAT YOU HAVE FRAME OF MINE. I will be making up for size difference when I add the sashing to the quilt. As a matter of fact I am thinking of deliberately making some odd size blocks as I think they will add to the whimsy of the quilt. I am having a lot of fun making these blocks.

The picture I am including is the steps to making the four patches. Cutting the strips and 1.5 inch patches. Chain piecing. I am sewing many of them in the standard four and 5 patch setting but I am also mixing and matching my block depending upon the fabric available. I am starching the heck out of the fabric because I am having some difficulty keeping the patches straight. For some reason some of my fabric wavers. I think the scraps might not be on straight of grain.


Saturday and Sunday January 19 & 20th

On my design wall I have the sheep panel for a baby quilt. I was able to work on this weekend. I have been adding borders to the quilt. Since I am trying to do the best I can this takes a little more time than usual. I bought the panel and coordinating fabric six months ago, and of course the local quilt shop does not have any more of these fabric. I have been trying to adjust the running sheep border to the quilt. I ended up cutting the ones on the top and bottom and adding the pinwheels. I used a slightly different shade of blue fabric that mimicked the swirls in the other fabrics. I have been trying to be very careful to get the panel square and the quilt top flat. So far so good. Right now I am pleased with what I have done. Hopefully this week I will be able to work on it again this weekend.

Baby Quilt for Tom and Kristen
Baby Quilt for Tom and Kristen

Well this is all for now…
Happy Quilting



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4 thoughts on “Mindless Sewing : Journal January 20, 2012

  1. I did this pattern in Arizona last winter and sent it home to have my daughter quilt it. Unfortunately I left the pattern down there and can’t see the spirals in the picture on the website.
    Could you enlarge it for me so the spirals show? I’d like to do as suggested and hand stitch them with pearl cotton.

    1. Mary, I sent you a close up of what I have. I hope it helps. I also sent a copy of the pattern since I know you own it since you described details in it I had not even noticed in the pattern. Now I am considering couching some swirls on to the top after I get it quilted. Still working on putting the nine patches together. It would go faster if I worked on it more consistently.

      The directions say to stitch in the ditch around the nine patches then big stitch the swirls on the quilt top. Great detail.

      Happy Quilting Nonnie

      1. Thanks so much, I look forward to getting it. Glad it helped you to see the details too! I’ll send a pic when I get mine done.

  2. Nice to hear from you Nonnie. I always enjoy your posts. Looking forward to when your life calms down a bit and you can get back to podcasting. Super looking mini 9-patches!

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