I have always wanted to make a 1000 PYRAMIDS QUILT and I have finally started one. While cutting my scraps for Easy Street, I thought to myself I should start cutting my pyramids. I hope to have one pyramid from every fat quarter I own. I will probably get two as I found it I could get two pyramids from a 9 inch by 18 inch cut of fat quarter fabric I have. I am going to float them on a white background. I have a whole bolt of WHITE KONA that I have wanted to use to make a modern quilt with. This will be my version of a MODERN QUILT.

CUT FROM A 8.5 INCH X 10 INCH PATCH: added 2-1/2 inch strip
CUT FROM A 8.5 INCH X 10 INCH PATCH: added 2-1/2 inch strip

I am sewing a 2.5 strip of the white KONA to each triangle prior to cutting then I cut them out at the same time. This works good for single patches but worked best for a fat quarter section. ( See pictures.)

pyramid block-2 From a 8.5 inch x 10 inch patch one triangle can be obtained.

9 inch x 18 inch from Fat QuarterTWO pyramids are obtained from 9 inch x 18 inch Fat Quarter section.

pyramid MOCK UP of Pyramid Quilt with rainbow color plan

I used my EQ7 to plot out my idea for the quilt. I want the triangles to float in a field of white. Well this is a start. I plan to start cutting during the BOXING DAY SEW IN…. ARE YOU JOINING US ON TWITTER?




ADDENDUM: 12-26-2012
I will also be doing PYRAMID within a PYRAMID blocks for my quilt. I figure I can use up a lot of scraps by making these blocks. I will be paper piecing them from a pattern I made in EQ7; I think that will make them accurate. I will be doing several trial triangle blocks till I get them CORRECT. The patches are made from 3×3 squares but I won’t know for sure till I do a mock up of the blocks… I hope to test the pattern out this weekend. Wish me luck.



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