Day TWO of my sewing weekend

DECEMBER 9,2012 …. most of the day….

Yesterday I posted frequent updates to my sewing day. YOU can link to it at : Link to: Nonnie’s one quilter Sew IN: Saturday post.

Today I did a lot less sewing so there is not as many updated. I did half the work of EASY STREET : Step THREE I made my squares with triangle wings. I also found a lot of scraps from previous projects and used the green ones for some of my triangles. They were already cut from 4-1/2 inch blocks so I decided to use them. I will discuss this further, when I have my pictures posted.

My morning was uneventful, lazing around with my grandson. He has a cold so he was not very energetic. I had to make a drug store run for cold meds, juice, pop and some other goodies. Of course the drug store is about 100 yards from JoAnn Fabric so I stopped in there and picked up with coupons some goodies I have been wanting:

New FONS AND PORTER Design wall
New F&P Pyramid ruler, I was disappointed it was so small only 6-1/2 inches in length.
Thread ( not on sale)
New ironing board cover
I picked up several quilt magazines, Winter Issue: Quilt Maker 100 BLOCKS, and Fons and Porter Scrappy Quilts

I was going to get a few fat quarters of really interesting prints but after going through my stash yesterday, I talked myself out of that. Although I love the prints on JoAnn’s fat quarters, I am always disappointed in the griege goods / base fabric. It tends to be thin and sleazy, very stretchy when you work with it. I could see the cardboard through the fabric. In the past when I used JoAnn fat quarters I usually reinforced it with thin iron on Pellon, cause there are times I have to have the print.

I did finish my BRAVE WORLD BLOCKS and have been playing with them on my design wall.  I will post pictures as soon as the battery is charged….

See ya later,

I made my BRAVE WORLD BLOCKS then started to play with them on my design wall.  I have been told that BRAVE WORLD blocks can be put into any setting that a dark and light log cabin or split nine patch setting.  In the past when I played with these blocks I got something like 6 setting styles but I know there are more.  I am anxious to see what BONNIE HUNTER has come up with to use these wonderful blocks.  My next post will be about some of the tips I have for making these blocks.  I will warn you right now…. I show you traditional but I usually make a wonkier, more liberated block, as I like my blocks to float.

traditional setting
traditional setting

This is one of the traditional settings for BRAVE WORLD BLOCKS

zig zag setting
zig zag setting

Any setting used for other light and dark blocks can be used.

Furrows : light and dark setting
Furrows : light and dark setting

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2 thoughts on “Day TWO of my sewing weekend

  1. This was a very interesting post — the setting possibilities are great. I like you idea for how you used bigger HST blocks from your stash. I’m still working on Step 2, so I have yet to try my luck with Step 3. Hope mine turn out as good as yours.

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