Night of frustration … it pays to follow directions….

Could not maintain the alignment
Could not maintain the alignment

I had a very frustrating evening trying to make the flying geese units for this EASY STREET MYSTERY QUILT. I have not made individual flying geese in eons. I usually use the method Elenore Burns taught in her FLYING GEESE book. I just do not know how to get the 2 x 3-1/2 inch blocks using this method. I wanted to use the rulers because I had the pretty indigo STRIP IT fabric and I wanted to take advantage of the fabric to make my quilt.

The first problem I had was getting the correct cuts using the EASY ANGLE RULER. I thought I understood the video but after a few cuts I found out I did not. I went back to the video and re-cut some patches. Most of my previous patches were salvage with some sliver cutting. I found I had difficulty lining the engineered pieces and getting them sewn straight. The bias edges kept shifting and getting out of alignment so I ended up pinning after awhile. I also went back to the directions and found I had sewed the left wing first. The second set of geese sewed easier when I followed the directions and sewed the right side of the triangle first.

I could not decide which way to sew the geese when I started sewing my patches.. DO YOU START SEWING FROM THE POINT TO THE FLAT SIDE or DO YOU SEW FROM THE LONG SIDE TO THE POINT OF THE PATCHES. I found when I sewed from the point the alignment shifted and I got a jig jog in my patchwork and the sides of the geese were crooked. (See pictures ) I went back to Bonnie’s photos and watched how she set up and sewed her patches. I think the last three patches worked out better. I guess I have some un-sewing to do.

The first of the geese I made with the Easy Angel and Companion Rulers
The first of the geese I made with the Easy Angel and Companion Rulers

Question on pressing:

I usually press to the dark, but with these flying geese the patches want to lay toward the sky (lighter fabric) … They just lie flatter. When you press your geese do you press to the sky or to the goose.

Thanks for any answers,


JUST IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING… I WILL CONQUER THESE PATCHES… I WILL NOT LET THEM DEFEAT ME. I JUST MIGHT HAVE TO TRY A DIFFERENT TECHNIQUE. I do wish I had read BONNIE’s post from today where she showed other methods of making the geese.
  I have not been printing out the directions but I will do so from now on.



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9 thoughts on “Night of frustration … it pays to follow directions….

    1. I started marking my quarter inch on the background along the triangle side. After a few of those were sewn I was able to be more accurate. I am using some single fussy cut patches of the INDIGO STRIP IT fabric sew I cut them individually. The method that worked for me was the one BONNIE posted on the follow up flying geese method using the squares on the two side. Those patches came out perfectly.

      It really helped my accuracy when I switched to a better quarter inch foot… the one I was using was not doing a good job. I think my later geese came out better.


  1. I think we are ALL learning more about flying geese this week then we even knew we didn’t know – LOL! Some of mine turned out perfect…some of them did not…okay…MOST of mine needed trimming until I changed machines…I thought I was sewing them all the same…apparently I don’t know what I’m thinking! haha Still working on them….we shall overcome the madness! hahaha

  2. I too struggled. So I came up with a different plan. I am paperpiecing and they are perfect with just a bit of trimming. I can chain piece, sonnow I am moving right along. Got the pattern on the Internet..68 DONE ;/

  3. Bonnie Hunter sews the right side 1st. Starting at the top with the wide piece. Press towards the light piece. Then sew the left side starting at the bottom. Always sew with the wing pieces on the top.

  4. I always start sewing from the flat side – it helps with the bias issue. And on these, I’m with you on the pressing – even though I usually press towards the darker fabric, I’m definitely pressing towards the “sky” part to keep the block nice and flat.

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