I am so jealous of the ladies doing BONNIE HUNTER’S EASY STREET MYSTERY QUILT I had to join in. Problem is I need to make some baby quilts although one is not due of 6-7 months. I am going to make a 48 x 48 baby quilt which is roughly one quarter size of BONNIE’S quilt ….. So I am going to make about 50 of each step realizing I will have extra patches when I get done. Since I am starting two weeks late I have two steps to get done.

I routed through my stash and pulled a bunch of greens and blues I dithered about the third color. I finally decided on yellows leaning toward golds. My rational is these are analogous colors on the color wheel and look good together. (THANKS SANDY, QftRofU) I did not have a good CONSTANT COLOR so I took a quick trip to the LQS. THAT turned out to be a bad decision for my pocket book. I ended up buying several yards of 108 inch backing fabrics. I did pick a lovely turquoise for the CONSTANT fabric.

Where I really got into trouble is when I watch my friend Kay who works in the store, open up two bolts in STRIP IT FABRIC. I had never seen STRIP IT FABRIC before. Strip It fabric is fabric made in 2-1/2 inch strips running the length of the fabric. (see pictures) You can use it for different patterns but it is often used as borders, or you can cut the strips for jelly rolls. You get about 17 different strips of a two color print. ( I bought indigo with white and black and white.) They can be used in any jelly roll pattern, but it does take special cutting techniques. I used scissors to cut off what I needed. ( I am thinking I will make every patch a different scrap.) My scrap bag is huge so I bet I can fish out enough of each color to have a totally scrappy quilt. I know that I am not cutting my fabrics efficiently and will probably be sewing just as inefficiently but the whole point of this project is to HAVE FUN!

I plan to get caught up with step one after I make my flying geese…. I will keep you posted. Just so you know that I am not totally nuts, I do cut my background the traditional, Bonnie Hunter way. ( The background it boring Kona white.) 

Happy Quilting,


The other side of the STRIP IT fabric
The other side of the STRIP IT fabric


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