SLOW going on my FMQ

IT has been really slow going with the FMQ I have only been able to work on it an additional hour or two. I hope to get time to work on it tomorrow. Right now I am editing another podcast. I have finished the CRAFTSY class BEYOND BASIC FREE MOTION QUILTING with Ann Petersen. I learned a lot from Ann’s class and applied what I learned to this project.

Close up of MACHINE tacking method.

IN these close up pictures you can see a MACHINE TACKING METHOD. Quilters have hand tacked quilt tops for ages. I did similar technique, but using machine. The batting says that the quilting can be 10 inches apart. I did some thread painting or free style embroidery which tacked the quilt top. I think it added details to the top but maintained the lightness and puffiness I wanted in the baby quilt. I opted not to do continuous line quilting as I felt the quilt was getting over quilted. I feel the free style tacking added to the design of the quilt panel by adding cute details. I still have half of the quilt to FMQ, and then add borders to get it to the needed size….. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

CLOSE UP of the FMQ details

and then……

Captain America went trick or treating in the rain, sleet and snow… nothing will keep him away from his CANDY.

Captain AMERICA came to trick or treat… but it was so cold he had to have winter coats and hats on….. He changed his mind endlessly all day Halloween cause he could not make up his mind which SUPER HERO he wanted to be… Iron man, Superman, Bat Man ( never Robin) or Flash. He put on all the costumes and kept changing all day long. My hubby took the pictures as he walked them around the neighborhood this year. I stayed home where it was nice and warm.




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7 thoughts on “SLOW going on my FMQ

    1. Machine tacking is similar to thread painting or embroidery. I make small motifs about the same distance apart as I would it I was hand tacking or tieing a quilt ( usually two three inches.) I just do not do continuous FMQ for this part of my quilt. My batting says you can quilt 10 inches apart… I tack about 2 to 4 inches a small motif because that is what the panel picture required. I did it so that I could retain the puffiness and just add simple details to the panel pictures. I start and stop as if I was doing a bigger motif and YES I have been burying the knots. It gives a nicer look in that this is a gift and I am trying to do good work.

      Does this make it any clearer? If not let me know and I will try explaining it again. I plan to do a future post and podcast about the technique after I finish the quilt and wash it. This is an experiment for me.



  1. I’ll bet he was thinking, “Oh, Nonnie, do you have to take my picture? I just want to get out there and get some candy!”

    The tacking looks great, but the FMQ in the water is really really good!

  2. Your free motion quilting looks awesome Nonnie! I love the texture you did with the water and the flowers and grasses are adorable! Great job, keep it up! 🙂

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