Free Motion Quilting Projects

More babies are on the way so I have been busy quilting. Here is a picture of my latest quilting panel. I just love the fun I have working on these little project. My control is improving but I need to improve my starts and stops as I tend to have a bit of  a thread nest to deal with.


This is the panel I selected for my niece’s baby due in March. I lucked out by picking a panel by chance that will blend with her nursery decorations. I think it is very sweet. I have selected a blue piping and a yellow strip for the border.


This is a close up of the free motion quilting. I am using Leah Day’s book for some of the motifs. I am trying to make the motifs larger so that the quilt stays soft and cuddly. I tend to OVER QUILT and make my FMQ too dense resulting in a stiff quilt. The batting I selected is puffier/ loftier then the quilt I have used in the past.

LEAH DAY’s 365 FMQ DESIGNS on Amazon
* *


This is the backing of the quilt top. YOU might be able to see some of my crummy starts and stops. I forget to bring up the bobbin thread when I start quilting, so I get thread nest I later have to fix. I have been burying my knots, but I am also trying the tiny stitch method.

MY next panel for the next baby. It is so darn cute!!!

I bought this last panel when I popped into my local quilt shop last week. I just thought it was adorable. I hope to do some trupunto style quilting in area of the panel. My husband’s best friend just had a grand-baby and I plan to send them this for Christmas…… I had better get quilting.



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5 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting Projects

    1. The patterns are from LEAH DAY’s filler book. I am trying to play with the scale of FMQ in that I can not go so big that it looks bad in the area I am in… but I do not want FMQ so dense that makes the quilt stiff. Thanks for stopping by I know I have been gone too long.

  1. Nonnie, I’m so glad to see a new post from you. The panels are so cute and your fmq looks good. I find the stops and starts are the most challenging part of the quilting, too. I just need to practice more and the panels are a good way to practice without waiting for an entire quilt to be finished!

    1. We have been kind of busy lately. I hope to post a podcast that has been in the making this past couple of months….I know I have been remiss in posting podcasts and blogs. Work schedule has been heavy. Family always home now so podcast taking a back seat to family events and projects. My sewing time has shrunk to just a couple of hours per week, so I am concentrating on the FMQ…. baby panels make them fun.

      Thank you for commenting….

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