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I have been contacted by several listeners wondering where I have been. Nothing tragic, nothing going on other then working my tail off, and am too tired to do much quilting, therefore, there is not much to talk about.

My 4 year old grandson has also discovered the computer. He not only plays pre-school computer games but has learned about streaming videos. He wants to watch his favorite DINO DAN show all the time. He also wants to play PBS children games. I wondered who was eating up the band width allotment every month and I now know who. My darling hubby to keep the boy quiet, puts him in front of the computer, and allows him to play the games and steam the video.  Needless to say we run out of our bandwidth and have to pay extra for more bandwidth.  ( Yes, hubby pays for the extra.)  I do not approve, but I get out voted by a crying boy and hubby who lets him have his way.

What this results in is, I never get to get on my computer and do my recording of the podcast when grandson is at home.  I have the old desktop and we have loaded it with various kid game for my grandson to play but now that he can actually use the computer he wants to play it all the time and I never get to use it any more.

I think we have created a COMPUTER HOG.  I will be back to podcasting soon as he starts pre-school next week.  I have several topics I hope you will be interested…. FREE MOTION QUILTING with Patsy Thompson,  the lecture at guild by LENORE CRAWFORD  ( I have been given permission to post the pictures I took.) …. Lenore Crawford’s Blog

I also wanted to talk about the AQS QUILT SHOW in Grand Rapids, MI … Pictures can be seen on my blogs, on Pinterest

Anyway this is it for now, hope to podcast soon.



  1. Sounds like someone needs to lock up a laptop and not tell Hubby where. Maybe grandson should use his mothers computer. Just a thought.

  2. about a week or two ago, you posted a picture of a quilt which I thought you said was a disappearing four patch, I have trided to find the picture of it. I believe it was all different colors with a white background and reminded me of a wedding ring pattern. Can you help? Thank you

    1. I sent you pictures of the quilt I thought you were talking about. I hoped it helped. Follow me on pinterest as I have tons of pictures there…. if you use the search engine… all kind of pictures of Disappearing NINE patch quilts are there.


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