PLAYING with Sandy of QUILTING for the REST of US

Every Tuesday, Sandy of Quilting for the Rest of Us post a lesson as she explores her stash and apply the principles she has learned. Sandy has several other bloggers link up on her blog so that you can connect with them. Here is my exploration of my stash in relationship to EXPANDED ANALOGOUS COLOR HARMONY. Sandy used five fabrics… I am cheating and using a jelly roll from Timeless Treasures. I cut jelly roll strips of every fabric I buy to put into a collection for future quilt projects. I am thinking about making a quilt using the TT jelly roll but supplementing it with fabric from my stash. It is turning out to be a little harder than I thought it was going to be. … SANDY of QUILTING FOR THE REST OF US

HERE I used the commercial jelly roll strips in the RED, RED PURPLE, PURPLE, BLUE PURPLE (VIOLET) AND BLUE (CYAN) (Primary colors: red and blue.) I included a couple extra fabrics that stretched the harmonies even more. According to my readings the extended analogous harmonies as long as the colors touch each other on the wheel. Some of my fabrics use accent colors to make their pattern. Some of the fabrics use neighboring colors to provide pattern.

My second selection of fabrics are red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, and yellow. ( Primary colors: Red and Yellow) I include some bridging fabrics from my own cuttings. Playing with these fabrics are in preparation for a quilt I want to make. What I am finding is I do not have enough value variations, the majority of my fabrics are mediums and darks…. I need more lights.

This collection of fabric strips are blue, blue-green, green, yellow-green and yellow. Primary colors in this collection is blue and yellow. The rest are combinations and blending of the primary colors.


I have three yards of this wonderful white and pale blue sky looking fabric that I plan to use as a background to a special quilt using my collections of jelly roll strips commercial and self cut. Here is a preview of what I am playing with, one day I hope to show you the quilt.


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2 thoughts on “PLAYING with Sandy of QUILTING for the REST of US

  1. I’m partial to the blue to yellow one (second pic from bottom), although the top one is pretty darn nice too. You did much better than I could! As I said in my blog, this one really stretched the lmit of stash! Nice job.

  2. I tried the fivesies and couldn’t come up with anything I liked but I do like your blue to reds and the orange yellow one. Must I don’t have the right fabrics in my stash – those batiks are gorgeous !

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