anagolous color play


.This is my color selection for SANDY’S, QUILTING FOR THE REST OF US, color Tuesday linking. As I was on vacation last week, I missed the link up. As you can see I started with YELLOW, YELLOW – ORANGE, AND RED ORANGE. I have also included some RED in the picture because I have not decided which three colors I am going to use in a block I need to make. For the project I am contemplating I would need to use multiple patches of different shades and hues of one or two colors to make a maple leaf block. Using ANALOGOUS colors would allow me to blend all the colors into one leaf. They are close enough in color and value to give a harmonious coloration. This works especially well if your ANALOGOUS color selection is all cool or all warm colors; it is harder to blend if your color selection is a mixture of warm and cool colors. (JMO)





Since I am behind on my homework and the original linky is closed, I am posting my ANALOGOUS with an ACCENT color way here. I used my original colors and then went across the color wheel ( COLOR MAGIC for QUILTERS) and selected Turquoise as my accent. Here I selected the turquoise is moderated by green. These batiks they have green mixed in with them which is typical coloration of batiks. Batiks often have ANALOGOUS coloration to give them a textured appearance.

The ANALOGOUS color selection and the accent are all medium to medium dark in value. The background to my project will be a light. I will make other blocks using dark values.



This third picture shows a bridge fabric on the right side. It is a strip of fabric that uses the accent colors as part of the pattern. It would help blend in a block made with ANALOGOUS with an ACCENT patches. Bridge fabric can also include the accent color as the main color with accents of the analogous colors. You can also note, I used different accent fabrics, more of a TRUE BLUE coloration. I cannot decide which coloration I prefer. I will say I do not care for complementary colorations, but that we can discuss when we get to complementary color schemes in the future.

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