Plagued by Uncertainty

Plagued by Uncertainty

I have made several blocks for my husband quilt. ( Of course the blocks are at home and I am not, otherwise I would have better pictures to show. I do hope to post more pictures later.) I brought fabric to the retreat I am at and am now plagued by indecision. The background fabric I had purchased is not MAKING ME HAPPY. I am beginning to think it is too dark. I bought it a couple of years ago with my husband’s help. ( Long story, can I say LESSON LEARNED and I will never do it again!!!) He picked the color and later painted the walls in the master bedroom to match. Since then I have had frequent hints about when I am going to finish HIS QUILT.

I have made several blocks but have not gone too far in making the blocks that I feel I could still change my mind. I am posting pictures of the original inspiration quilt and a magazine picture of the pattern that I was able to come up with. You will notice the fabric I have posted is much darker (medium value butter scotch) than the fabric in the inspiration quilt (mottled buff / beige.) I have seen fabric close to the original fabric, just not very mottled. I HAVE NOT BOUGHT IT, YET ! For the leaves and boarder blocks I am planning similar but not the same colors… mostly darks and medium darks tone on tone, small scale prints. I think very similar to the original colors and I have many fat quarters and left over fabrics suitable for these blocks.

This fabric was purchased by my husband when we were on vacation and he came to get me out of a quilt shop. I had been trying to decide between two bolts of fabric. He came in, saw what I was doing and voted for this one. I did not realize at the time how much darker it was compared to the fabric I was planning to use for the focus fabrics. Now I am trying to decide if I should rethink the original plan use darker focus fabric. Or should I get the lighter background fabric as I think it would look better. The lighter fabric would still look good with the walls as it is a light version of the wall colors.

Picture I have posted in an earlier blog post but it shows some of my original fabric selections.

Part of a block being made, here is where I stopped, as I am not liking the background color. Other colors chosen will be various brown, greens, blues, reds, orange, rust, plums and pale yellows … very similar to the original colors.

This is a copy of the original quilt magazine that inspired the raffle quilt made by my guild. My husband saw it and loved it…he bought $20 of raffle tickets…something that he had never done before. You can see the back ground fabric is plainer and more cream / buff color. Original pattern was throw size, the raffle quilt below was queen size.

This is the picture of the RAFFLE QUILT my husband fell in love with. Again with the softer, plainer, cream/buff fabric. YES, I WILL DISCUSS THIS WITH MY HUSBAND, but I have to come to my own design decisions. I will be making a KING SIZE quilt and the boarder blocks will be from OH MY STARS QUILT ALONG as I like them better and can hardly wait until I get to that part of the quilting.

Oh My Stars! (A Quilt-Along)

OKAY my questions to you are: I want detail explanation of what you think and why. Please no simple one sentence answers as I want this to be a conversation / discussion not just I want to be in on the give away. Random drawing of posted comments. Cost is LITTLE / no object this will be an heirloom quilt.

1. Should I go with the original background fabric … I would probably have to chose darker fabrics from my stash to do the focal patchwork leaves and blocks.

2. Should I go with the cream/ buff background fabric I would then be able to use the original brighter fabrics for the blocks.

3. The real problem, should I honor my husband’s selection of fabric since he is not a quilter and has little or no understanding of making a quilt or should I go WITH my own intuition that a different background would make a better quilt. Knowing him he just wants the quilt done and would not really care about the fact I change my mind and went with different fabric. He would be a little peeved to know I would be spending more money for new fabric since I have so much fabric as is….. BUT WHAT HE DOES NOT KNOW WILL NOT HURT ME or HIM!





I have a new copy of Quilter’s Academy Junior Year, by Harriet and Carrie Hargraves to be given away.

I have a slightly used but in really good shape ( I bought a duplicate) copy of EASY MACHINE QUILTING, 12 LESSONS (domestic machine, FMQ) edited by Jane Townswick.

Drawing WILL be the end of June or the first week in July and will be posted on my blogs and announced on the podcast. I do not use random generator. I put names in a hat and my grandson draws the name out.




TO enter post a comment here on WORD PRESS , on POD BEAN or email me at Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams. Be sure you are not a NO REPLY commenter because I will not have a way to reach you for your prize. You will have to check back for the announcement or listen to my podcast ( preferred by me) for the announcement of the winners.

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9 thoughts on “Plagued by Uncertainty

  1. I just went through the “my husband fell in love with….” ordeal in regards to a quilt he wanted me to make for our bedroom. And yes he also painted it with colors to match. I am happy about the colors in the bedroom as I have wanted a change for a long time. I hate the quilt. It was actually a kit we bought for me to make and I didn’t enjoy making it. He is thrilled.

    I agree with your assessment that the fabric you have it too dark. Even if it wasn’t it may be too much “matchy matchy” for the bedroom. I think a lighter background with the colors you plan to use will really stand out and the color in the bedroom will make the quilt pop instead of disappear into the walls of the room.

    Do you even think he will notice if you use a different fabric? I would go with your gut.

  2. Hi Nonnie. My DH is sitting right here, and I asked him whether you should tell your DH that you want to go with a lighter fabric. He said “Of course!”. I asked him – if he had picked out the fabric, would he be insulted if I changed it. He says he wouldn’t. So there you go- an opinion from a quilter’s husband on the matter.
    I would suggest going with the same colour, just lighter. That way, it still goes with the walls, and allows you to use the fabrics you wanted to use. I agree completely with you that the leaves won’t show up on that fabric unless you use darker colours, and doing that will make the whole quilt too dark. The lighter background is what makes the quilt sparkle. (It is a gorgeous quilt, by the way – can’t wait to see it when you’re done!)

  3. Hi Nonnie, I haven’t read the replies before me so they don’t influence my answer. I’d use a cream background just like on the original picture that your husband fell in love with. And I would put a narrow border just like on the picture from the fabric that you bought. My reason is that I’m not crazy about the way the 2 fabrics in your sample picture don’t really play together. Hope it helps you to decide and will not make you even more confused. Good luck with your decision! 🙂

  4. Nonnie, your instincts are right on. A lighter fabric retains the look of the quilt that drew your husband to it in the first place. Could you possibly find that lighter fabric in mottled design? Then you could use the background fab. he

    picked out as backing, or part of the backing. It is yummy! By choosing background similar to original quilt, you are honoring his selection, right? Using values you thnk will work best is especially important since this is an heirloom quilt and will live in your home.

  5. I think you should definitely go with your instincts. The lighter fabric will look great. Your husband will understand or get over it but most importantly, the quillt will get finished.

  6. I would definitely go with a light background – that color especially next to the block you showed looks ruddy and won’t show up your beautiful work. You will be working on this quilt for awhile and need to have fabrics in it that you love – otherwise it will be a chore and that’s not why we make quilts. You work hard and if you want to go out and buy some fabric just do it without guilt!
    Buy at Jo-annes with a coupon if you must but just go buy it. You have a very sweet husband to be interested enough to pick out the fabric, but lets’ face it – most of our husbands just don’t have a clue on what colors should go with what – go with your gut – it’s usually right:-)

  7. Definitely go with the lighter fabric. it will give the quilt the same feeling as the inspiration quilt and you will be happier! Life’s to short to make quilts we don’t like, even for people we love.

  8. Nonnie, I think you should STOP using the darker fabric and go with the lighter. You aren’t happy with it now and you won’t be happy with it later. If you aren’t feeling the love for this quilt you won’t be motivated to work on it and it will keep falling to the bottom of the list. Perhaps you can make a few extra maple leaf blocks and use them, along with the fabric your husband picked out for the back of his quilt.

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