CAROL LOESSELL: Trunk Show and Lecture


CAROL LOESSELL: Recipe for Leftovers

I heard an enjoyable lecture last night about SCRAP QUILTING. CAROL LOESSELL, showed her trunk shows quilts that she has been making over the last 20 – 30 years. I am posting a picture of some of the quilts and a brief explanation. If you want to see more of her quilts or listen to her lecture contact her via her blog/ web page.

Carol Loessell Scrap Quilt Patterns


Carol believes in scrap quilting and using fabric she had on had.  She said her best scraps came from exchanges and gifts from other quilters in her various groups.  She also use to “GARBAGE DIVE” in the classes she conducted.  Later students gave her the scraps they were done or tired of.  Her are some of the quilts she made.  I took over 50 pictures of her quilts… she had a large collection, some still  IN PROGRESS.


QUILT from the scrap bag she got on the give away table at her guild.


This pattern was featured in one of the first issues of FONS AND PORTER’S BABY QUILTS magazine.

Carol did say she did have to buy background/ sashing materials for some of her quilts to help them blend.  Sometimes even her sashing were scrappy, for example various white on white.  The secret is to have those fabrics scattered through the quilt and not touching if it could be helped.



The last two quilts were based on what Carol called  MADE FABRIC.  She sews fabrics together Willy Nilly and then once the fabric was large enough she would cut out blocks to be used in her quilts.  Many of her sewing sessions ended with her sewing fabrics to go into her next blocks.

Carol Loessell is a quilter after my own heart.  I currently have a big box of made fabric that I plan to put into a quilt some day.  My fabric however is sewn on foundation of pellon.  Carol said she rarely used foundation.   The great thing about quilting is you can do any project just about anyway you want to.

Happy Quilting,



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