IF you want to read the blog post or listen to the podcast that inspired this homework post, you can just use the links below. I have obtained permission from MS Fallert to use her quilts in this post. I do not possess any quilts that would be good illustration of the different aspects of RHYTHM and since I always admired MS Fallert work I requested permission to use pictures. I feel the majority of her quilts are rhythmic by the nature of her subjects, her use of color and value and the skill of her workmanship.

I also have permission from Jaye and Sandy to use their blogs and podcast as a basis for the posts on design.

Quilting for the Rest of Us Podcast for the RHYTHM discussion.

Design Series : Rhythm by Art Quiltmaker Jaye


“Intervals at which related element occur throughout a piece of art” (Liz Berg handout entitled Principles of Design from “Design the Abstract Quilt” class)

Visual rhythm is created when elements repeat in a sequence in a design. The repeated elements are often shape or color motifs … rather than simply repeating the elements to create a pattern. They act as a series of beats that ‘speak’ to one another.” (Aimone, Design! A lively guide to design basics for artists & craftspeople, pg. 112-113)

“..rhythm involves a clear repetition of elements that are the same or only slightly modified.” (Pentak & Lauer, pg. 100)

In the quilt CHECKS AND BALANCES, Ms Fallert. repeats the shape and movement of a gymnast’s or dancer. The girl’s movement across the quilt causes a rhythm over and above the shapes in the quilt. There are faint shadows of dancers on the background echos what is occurring in the foreground. I do not know if these shadows are the results of manipulation of fabrics or the results of thread painting or quilting on the quilt top. The quilt evokes the thought of music with a loud and rhythmic beat. The interplay of the colors brings to mind the flashing and dancing of lights; I my mind’s eye the dancers move right off the quilt.

Rhythm is “the repetition of a regular pattern, or a harmonious sequence or correlation of colors or elements.” (Art+Quilt by Lyric Kinard, pg. 80)

“Visual rhythm involves the movement of our eye from one element to the next in a regular pattern.” (Art+Quilt, pg. 80)

“In visual art, refers to the movement of the viewer’s eye across recurrent motifs.” (The Quilter’s Book of Design, 2d ed, pg. 1)

“repetition of an element creates visual rhythm.” (The Quilter’s Book of Design, pg.15)

In this quilt the dancer’s movements repeating across the quilt evoke a regular pattern, you can anticipate the next movements in the dance.

The colors used in this quilt are pretty much along one another on the color wheel… the yellow to green to blue to purple to pink/red resulting harmony across the quilt. Each individual color relates well to the other colors in the quilt.

The repletion of the dancers creates a visual rhythm as they dance across the quilt.

THIS SIMPLE COLOR WHEEL ILLUSTRATES THE COLORS FOUND IN THE QUILT. You will note they are all next to each other and blend well together, none of the colors clash against each other. The colors are not jarring but rather soothing without being boring, changing and shifting to suggest and echo the movement of the dancers and the shapes within the quilt.

This is part one of several posts about rhythm. I have several other lovely quilts by Ms Fallert that I have selected to illustrate RHYTHM. I hope you enjoy my efforts if you disagree or have any different ideas please post them here.

Happy Quilting,
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