Although I have been studying and doing a few small pieces of free motion quilting over the years, I was never very serious about FMQ. It would be something I was playing with. I still will take my really big quilts to a long armer, why wouldn’t I when I have several talented nationally known long armers in my quilt. ( Links to be provided) This year I want to really work at FMQ on my own as I feel that it is a talent I want to learn and will need to know. I will retire someday and will not be able to afford to have the quilts done by a long armer. I also like to make baby quilts and those are small enough for me to do.

I have been studying Leah Day’s BLOG and her current FREE MOTION QUILT ALONG. She discusses quilting on real quilts. I do not plan to go into detail on what I have learned on this post; but I will address it in the future. Today I am just posting the pictures of what I have accomplished so far. Frankly, it is too late at night to go into any detail.

The quilt my daughter made for me to FMQ
Main Panel FMQ

top of the quilt

bottom of the quilr

I will be back over the weekend after classes to update this post … so check back again.




    1. I started a post but am having some computer issues. I am also fighting a cold that has stole my voice and I sound like a frog. I am thinking of posting some short podcast that are incomplete but it might be best to just wait for a while.



  1. Wow, have you ever given me something to think about….I am in awe of how you have interpreted the many deep wrinkles of an elephant’s skin into a workable and very believable quilting pattern…..I may just have to give this a try….

    1. It was totally by accident… This is a learning experience for me… I am trying to learn control of the machine while FMQ so sometimes it looks good and sometimes I want to hide it with applique. I am realizing it is a thought process as you FMQ. I also feel that the FMQ I am doing is making this project into a wall hanging as it is too over quilted because I am getting carried away. I will have to make a different quilt top for the baby, as this one is getting too stiff for cuddling.

      It is fun and I am learning a lot. In the future for cuddle quilts I plan to do bigger motifs so the quilt stays cuddly.


  2. First, I am so happy to hear from you again! It seems like forever since I’ve seen some good Nonnie quilt pictures.
    Second, I love the way you quilted the elephant! The leaves are cool too, but the elephant just called to me for some reason.
    Third, are you planning to attend the AQS show in Grand Rapids this summer? I am hoping to unless that is when my friend’s son is getting married.

    1. JUST busy at work… I will be in Grand Rapids at least for Friday night and Saturday at the least as my sister lives out there. Hope to be there from Wednesday night through Sunday if I can get the time off from work.

      Working on a podcast to go along with my posts… hope to get out a short one this weekend and then longer one afterwards. Want to talk about the guild meeting / lectures and just some stuff in general.



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