Surfing the Internet: A few finds

I am planning to post some favorite Internets sites here…of all kinds of quilty goodness. I will be re-posting and adding here… or that is the plan. BE SURE TO CHECK BACK TO SEE WHAT I HAVE ADDED.

Vicky Welch, Field Trip in Fiber:

Vicky often post interesting information about COLOR THEORY as she is a fabric dyer. She is also working on a COLOR CHALLENGE. If the quilters around here need hand dyed fabric, Vicky is who they order from. Her stuff is wonderful.

Find her at:





I love PINTREST! I am posting pictures of my pictures… so much easier. I plan colors for projects. Just finding stuff I really enjoy. Pictures, Pictures and Pictures. Loving it. Spent time with my initial set up but now I just play there in the darkness of the night. I have been posting pictures of my quilts and quilts made by friends and found on the internet… WONDERFUL QUILT INSPIRATION IN ONE PLACE.

BACK LATER, I am actually quilting today.




Of course…Instant messaging where I connect with Quilty Friends and Family. Lots of post from national quilters and great quilty inspiration. Love it come and join me.




2 thoughts on “Surfing the Internet: A few finds

  1. Nonnie, i just wanted to leave you a comment, I am not caught up with the podcast, but just listened to one from august in which you gave out a bunch of websites. Thank you so much for the information, I had been looking for a way to find out about quilt shows in Michigan. Thank you so much for that and all the information!! One of these days, i will actually get caught up and maybe all the podcasters will be getting comments from me.

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