THE QUILT SHOW is reaching out to quilters. The are allowing members to send out a FREE SHOW to their friends and fellow quilters. I have sent out a gift certificate to all the commentors I have had on my podcast and word-press blogs since I started a year ago. This offer is good from THE QUILT SHOW for most of January. YOU probably would have to sign up as a free member which means you register and supply some basic information and emails address.

I am willing to send out a gift certificate as long as I am able ( I do have a full time job) to anyone that leaves a comment on my blog here at word-press or at pod-bean. I plan to check each day for comments and then send out the certificates.

LEAVE A COMMENT, I will need your email address to forward the gift certificate. If there is a particular person you would want to see from the last season of TQS let me know and I will try to accommodate your request. (I have access to series 800 and 900, until January 5th, 2012. After that I will have a limited number of shows I can send out.) IF you do not choose I will just choose one at random. Only one show per email address.


I love THE QUILT SHOW and want to share it with my quilting friends.

Nonnie, Nonnie’s Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

Pod cast link for Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams


email me at:

Nonnie’s Flicker Pictures



  1. Hi Nonnie,
    I don’t follow your blog as often as I would like to, but I hope you have posted photos of the day you presented your charity quilts to the kids. I Just signed up to get your updates as an email.
    I would LOVE to watch a free episode of TQS…Surprise me!

    1. SORRY I was not there when they made the presentation to the kids. Originally there was suppose to be a party but do to problems that got cancelled. The kids did get a party but we could not be there. These are sheltered / protected children and can not be photographed. We are suppose to get pictures of the quilts on the beds. We are sure the kids got the quilts because one of our members (MG) works there as a volunteer and she said the kids all love their quilts. We will be making more quilts so that new kids will also have a quilt. We just do not have to make 45 at one time… our plans are to make 10-12 to set aside for them and send them over once or twice a year as long as MG volunteers there. We are also making quilts for the local fire house to give to burned out families.

  2. Well having never watched an episode of The Quilt Show, I would love to be able to check it out prior to “committing” lol. And having looked through the series, I think I’d really like to watch the one with one of my favorite quilt artists, Susan Carlson, episode 801. I’ve been thinking of just buying that episode alone, I like her work so much.

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