I have been trying to get some actually quilting instead of being a fake/ wanna be quilter. My daughter and I pinned some practice pieces to use for me to practice my FREE MOTION QUILTING. My daughter made this quilt from a panel, this is the first time she got her quarter inch seam allowance correct. The panel lies flat. She has design a cute little quilt picking out the fabrics on her own. I am very proud of it; but now she wants me to free motion quilt it. And now I AM AFRAID, I have only played with FMQ before, WHAT IF I AM NOT UP TO THE TASK. WHAT IF I RUIN this little quilt?

My DD says just go for it… do what you can, the baby won’t know or care. What advice could you give me to FMQ this project?

Happy Quilting,

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  1. I agree with DD. The baby won’t care. This is a perfect opportunity for you to practice. If you use a thread that does not show much on either the top or bottom, and if you don’t worry about being perfect the first time, you may very well be surprised at how nicely it looks when you’re done. Consistent speed is really important, and if you have a teflon sheet or something you can place over your sewing machine arm to help the quilt slip around more easily, that could help as well. Good luck!

  2. What they said…plus…start with the outlines in the centre panel before you do the borders. And maybe doodle some with pencil and paper or on a practice square to loosen up (sort of like warming up before a race!) Most of all, just have fun with it!

  3. You might be tempted to do not much quilting in the centre of the panel, then do lots in the borders. Bad idea (ask me how I know). I would outline the animals and plants in the centre, outline the animals only in the smaller animal parts, then do loops and leaves in the inner borders. In the outer borders, I would outline some of the stripes, not all.

    1. I am pretty much agreeing with you.. I was planning to outline a little more than that… I am trying to decide upon threads… I have 60wt and will probably use that in the bobbin for sure … but also colors in the top … I am told fine thread sinks into the fabric. I am going to use what I have on hand.

      I have been practicing on dolly blankets… made a bunch for friend’s little girls.



  4. The same advice I give all my friends that are afraid of FMQ: relax, keep your speed consistent, and practice. Remember: it’s “just” fabric, not brain surgery! 🙂

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