CHRISTMAS with Nonnie



Best Christmas breakfast EVER!

One of the few, non healthy breakfasts of the year.

I am a trained doctor, now! Do you want a shot?


Every present he opens, he says, “JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED !!!” He says it even when he does not know what is in the box. !

Boys at play

DD opening her charm bracelet ( big surprise)

This gift was a complete surprise ! Decided on at the last minute.

8 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS with Nonnie

  1. Great pictures. Christmas is always fun with children around. Also thank you for the referral to The Quilt Show, do you subscribe? If so what do you think about it.
    Jackie, Sew Excited Quilts

    1. I have been a TQS free basic member since the beginning of the show. I have purchased all the DVDs and think they are wonderful. I comment and visit the forum often. I love seeing what other quilters are doing … especially when the sewing machine is packed away and I can not sew. THEN MY DVDS are my life line.

      Last year I was gifted a season and I plan to continue joining as long as we have HIGH SPEED INTERNET and I go to work… loose either and I will have to reevaluate. I have learned so much from TQS… mostly to DO MY OWN THING AND JUST ABOUT ANYTHING GOES.

      I personally think it is the best value for the money I spend… I find I learn best by watching DVDs and doing it. I like rewind.

      I am giving up buying magazine for now as I keep seeing the same old stuff… I now get my magazine at the sale table at the guild and at quilt shows… those keep me in enough information… plus I have not more room.

      As long as I have high speed internet I will continue my subscription and get the DVDs each season.


  2. Nonnie, I haven’t been great at following your blog, but I listen to your podcasts. I was thinking about your group’s charity quilts and wondering if you all got them finished in time for Christmas.

    1. THE ladies delivered 52 quilts to Whaley House a week before Christmas… I was at work. I heard the the kids loved the quilts, they were gifted at their holiday party on Christmas Eve. Some of the ladies were able to be their and they cried when they told us about it.


    2. Laura …. Thank you for the comments… it is okay that you do get a chance to follow the blog. I am finding out that most listeners do not get a chance to follow because they are busy doing things as they listen. I hope you go to get in on the BOXING DAY SEW IN… I followed everyone on TWITTER and had a blast… I got so much done… plan to talk about it on my next podcast.

      Happy Quilting Nonnie

  3. Merry Christmas, Nonnie, and thanks for the cute pictures! When my son was about that age, he was also excited about every gift. My aunt gave him something that was battery operated, and wrapped up the batteries separately. By chance, he opened the batteries first, and shouted, “Batteries. Just what I always wanted!”

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