Nickel Quilts and More Nickle Quilts by Pat Speth

Nickel Quilts: Great Designs from 5 Inch ScrapsNickel Quilts: Great Designs from 5 Inch Scraps by Pat Speth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I have a fondness for this book because my husband actually went into my LQS and bought this and the sister book MORE NICKEL QUILTS by Pat Speth, all by himself. It was a birthday gift the year after I started making quilts. Of course I am sure he had the help of my quilt teacher and friends in the shop and they KNOW me so well.

I can recommend this book for making lovely scrap quilts using 5-INCH NICKELS, now called charms. Pat and Charlene give a brief instruction on how to make the quilts using other size blocks. But they give just a brief explanation and concentrate on explaining how to use NICKELS/ CHARMS. Using pre-cut charms make the scrap quilts easier and varied.

When planning scrappy nickle quilt, Ms Speth drives home the need to consider balance, value and contrast in the selection of your fabrics. Ms Speth further explains the need for variety of fabric scale, size of print, style of fabrics. She further suggests using different background to add interest to the quilts. I like her style and she gives a lot of common sense advise.

This was one of my first quilt books that I owned. I like her explanation of chain piecing, accurate seaming and cutting. She guides you through sewing of many of the basic patches. (HSqTri, Four Patches, sew and flip techniques, hour glass and picket fence.)

Favorite Quilts:



FOUR PATCH PLAID — Plays using light and dark patches to obtain a diagonal settings.

LABOR DAY MADNESS—This block uses partial piecing to achieve the block construction.

Criticism: As with most books published early in 2000 the finished patch/unit are not included in the direction. It would have been helpful. Especially as a new quilter I did not know how to figure out the sizes of the patches and blocks.

Because of using the 5 inch patches many of the block sizes are unconventional. I think this fact should have been discussed in the preface of the book. I found I had to read very carefully and make my own notes as to the size of the patches and blocks.

Ms Speth choice of colors are traditional and somewhat dated to my eyes. She uses a lot of browns and creams, my least favorite colors. As a quilter who has been around the block a couple of times I now have a better understanding of my own color choices and how to work with them to get the quilts I like.

Yes, I would like to recommend this book as I find using NICKELS / pre-cut CHARMS a fast and easy way to make quilt tops. The patterns would be exciting made in modern quilt fabrics.

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More Nickel Quilts: 20 New Designs from 5-Inch SquaresMore Nickel Quilts: 20 New Designs from 5-Inch Squares by Pat Speth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Once again Pat goes through her explanation of collecting 5 inch NICKLES and duplicates but expands the instructions from her first book. In this book she has a larger gallery of scrappy NICKEL QUILTS. What I did note that Ms Speth used more flying geese and hour glass patches in her blocks.

Quilts I liked:

Beach Party —

JACOB ‘s LADDER — I have always loved the black background and the bright fabrics used in this quilt.

Pinwheels on Parade —

Stars over Mitford — I have never seen this block except in this book. I tried looking it up in Encyclopedia of Patch-work and Block Base, despite trying several times. What I like about this block is the masculine flavor/ styling of the block. I made it for a nephew using blues and greens.

BRAVE WORLD — This takes my favorite block BRAVE NEW WORLD and mirrors them putting them with sashing.

I find I like the quilts in this book more than her first book, NICKEL QUILTS.
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