CURIOSITY killed the Nonnie….

I went to my quilt shop to drop off triangles for the triangle exchange. I chatted for a while with Kay the store clerk/manager. She showed me the newest from Moda, SCRAP BAGS filled with half a pound of fabric. I could see some of the colors but we could not tell what size of strips were include. Some of the fabrics could be seen through the little plastic window but you had to guess about what you got. I kept looking at the bag and putting it back on the shelf, thinking to myself, I do not need that. BUT MY CURIOSITY GOT THE BETTER OF ME.

Half pound of fabric could not see what was inside. ($11.50)

I opened mine and my girlfriends and what did I find. The fabric in mine, was from the newest RUBY LINE, SO that is a plus. I counted 30 pieces in my bag and 29 in my girlfriends. The lengths were about 30 inches, cut lengthwise along the salvage. I am guessing this is fabric left over from Moda, die cutting jelly rolls and other precuts. The width of fabrics varied from 3-1/2 to 2-1/2 inch width; BUT THE SELVAGES WERE LEFT ON. Not only do you have to cut selvedges off to use the fabric; none of the sizes are consistent. The fabrics seem to come for a LINE OF FABRIC, so they complement and coordinate with other fabrics in the same package. I just think this is another marketing gimmick that I fell for; not sure if it is a value or not. I will let you know if the fabric is useful our not. I will say it is pretty, but pretty is as pretty does. If I can not find a use for the fabric…. what good is it?

A view of the scraps 30 inches; length wise with salvages x various widths

4 thoughts on “CURIOSITY killed the Nonnie….

  1. So it doesn’t sound like you will be buying this Moda scrap bag again. I think this would be harder to use that a jelly roll, with the different widths.

    Thanks for the review.
    PeaceBrook Quilting Podcast

  2. Nonnie

    Thanks for your review I have wondered what was in their bags and the value. I didn’t like the thought of spending $10+ on an unknown.

    Sew Excited Quilts

    1. I figured it out; based on 1-1/2 inch smallest strip x 3O inch length x30 pieces of fabric. You get about 1 yard worth of useable fabric. Yes it comes out to about 1.25 yard but you have to subtract the 6 inches missing from the length to get a yard; so I figured one yard. Yes some of the strips were wider; but the majority were shy of being able to cut a jelly roll. Beside string quilts and applique what can you do with them…..Still have to ponder that.

      I think it is a bit of a rip off… Plus side the fabric was pretty.


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