Review of Leah Day’s FREE MOTION QUILTING DVDs…..

Review of Leah Day’s DVD
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I treated myself to an early Christmas present and bought the DVD comb from Leah Day on Black Friday. I got the BASICS FOR BEGINNERS and BEGINNER FREE MOTION QUILTING FILLER DESIGNS. I have been following her on line on her blog and YOU TUBE video posts. I enjoy her presentation and the information she presents. Leah goes into depth with her instructions of FMQ, bringing up some considerations I had not thought of before. I enjoyed the ways she discusses her thought process on how she tackles FMQ for a big quilt or a whole cloth. i loved her discussion on strategy, I have not seen or heard the same from some of the other FMQ DVDs I have looked at. Leah shows how to load a larger size quilt, I loved her squoosed phraseology. I have been following along with her instructions with the idea of improving my FMQ. I am making a series of fancy “pot holders” while I practice my lessons. I am practicing what SHE preaches… so wish me luck.

I loved Leah’s presentation of FREE MOTION QUILTING my only complaint was the sound quality. I watched the DVDs with my neighbor who wears hearing aides and she had trouble hearing the DVD because of the sound quality. I think Leah records with her husband in her basement studio so they pick up sound distortion. . We picked up some “echo” during PARTS of the recording. It was not terrible and was tolerable for me. During the times she was actually showing the quilting, her sound and voice was understandable and easy to hear for both of us.

We mastered the “echo” problem by using a MY ZONE HEAD SET for my friend, she could adjust the sound and hear better but we could not watch the DVD together so she borrows it .

I am enjoying the DVDs which are very like her YOU tube videos. I would recommend the series to beginner FM quilters. I think Leah’s DVDs has a lot to offer. I was impressed that this was a HOME PRODUCTION that was made by Leah and her husband.



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10 thoughts on “Review of Leah Day’s FREE MOTION QUILTING DVDs…..

  1. Thanks for the review, Nonnie–I didn’t even know she had a DVD out. I’ve learned a lot from her site and YouTube videos and am now eager to see these.


    1. I got the combo pack in the first DVD she reviewed everything you needed to know about FMQ. The second DVD showed a series of filler patterns like her videos on YOU tube. I will always opt for DVDs because our bandwidth at home is so restrictive. I like watching on TV and re running what I do not understand, I have more control over the viewing.

      Her sound issues in the second DVD is much improved and we could follow it readily. The first DVD had just a brief sound issue but the over all DVD was good. I am impressed by anyone who can film anything and get it out of the camera in a useable form. I have not mastered that. I use to be able to film on Video but I do not understand the new camcorders.

      Anyways I think you will learn a lot about FMQ from her DVDs.


  2. Thank you so much for posting this review Nonnie! You’ve given a honest and helpful account of the videos and I really appreciate you taking the time to write it. Yes, we have struggled with sound quality, but we’re always working to improve with each new DVD that’s created. It’s a learning experience all around!

    1. Leah, I loved the second DVD better, where you muted the machine noises and overdubbed your comments, much easier to listen to. I download several how to podcast/video pod-casts on iTunes and they discuss sound issues all the time. One of their suggestions is having a softer sound absorbing environment… which to me translated into hanging more quilts. I bet you have some you can hang…hee hee…

      I plan to buy more of you DVDs as $$$ allows. I have download issues with my high
      internet so I can not watch them on line that well. But the DVDs are working out even better.

      Thanks for all your effort.



  3. You are welcome Gretchen… check out Leah’s two year project of designing filler patterns… she has great ideas for patterns to use instead of stippling… a real fun playground.


  4. Thanks for the review. I follow Leah’s blog too. Have purchased her first book and use it for reference when getting ready to fmq. It is a great way to try to pick out designs. Thanks for the great blog posts and the podcast. Love them both!

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