THANKSGIVING RECIPES: Family favorite left overs….


SLICED cooked turkey one pound
1 one jar artichoke hearts
clove fine chopped garlic
2 tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoon all purpose flour
SEASON to taste with salt (1/2 tsp) dash pepper and dash of nutmeg
one cup milk
1/4 cup dry white wine ( Called for in the original recipe but I have omitted it substituting broth. Good but a different flavor.)

In a baking dish, layer turkey, artichokes.

In a pan over medium heat, saute garlic. Reduce heat. Add flour and seasoning, stir continuously till smooth and bubbly. Remove from heat add wine and milk. Bring back to slow simmer stirring. Remove from heat add cheese and brandy, stir till melted. POUR OVER TURKEY AND ARTICHOKES. Sprinkle with paprika.

BAKE AT 350 degrees x 20 to 30 minutes

330 calories per serving / 6 servings

from Lisa Burmann's Studio / Two Fabric Challenge ...

This quilt was made by LISA BURMANN of Lisa Burmann Studios. It was shown in the HADLEY FALL HARVEST QUILT SHOW, last September. She originally made it for the OAKLAND COUNTY QUILT GUILD CHALLENGE but she challenged our EVENING STAR QUILT GUILD to join in for a similar challenge. We will have the big reveal next meeting. NOVEMBER 30, 2011 AMI SIMMS: “LIVING WITH QUILTS: A SURVIVAL GUIDE” ……… Ami Simms

CAN new potatoes, drained and rinsed
Cubes of cooked turkey
Chunked cuts of vegetables: onion, celery, green and red pepper, mushrooms,zucchini… what ever you like!
cherry tomatoes or grapes for the top of the kabobs.

Fry bacon till cooked and limped not crisp. DRAIN WELL.

For each kabob skewer potatoes, vegetables of your choice, chunks of turkey. Wrap a piece of bacon around the turkey by skewering the bacon adding the cube of turkey then adding the bacon.
Brush with Ginger Wine Sauce … but I find it easier to marinate the ingredients in a plastic bag for a while before assembling the kabobs.

Broil on high ( 550 degrees) or grill x 5-10 minutes, brush with more sauce.

1/2 CUP dry white wine
2 tablespoon brown sugar
2 tablespoon soy sauce
CLOVE crushed garlic
Tablespoon cornstarch

Cook all ingredients in a sauce pan, till it thickens, stir continuously. Calories: 270 per kabob.

Gathering Gals of Hadley MI and their raffle quilt

These ladies are in my quilting group and I have known and worked. We have met at Elaine’s Quilty Shop each Wednesday since 2005. Times have changed, our life has changed, we are disbanding the weekly meetings; but never fear we will now be meeting once a month for open sewing meeting the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month at the town hall. 4:30 pm til 8:30 pm. (The building where our quilt shows have been hosted.) The sewing sessions will be open to anyone who wants to quilt or learn how to quilt. We have few rules or requirements, except you must bring a project to work on. The quilt behind the ladies is a raffle quilt they made for HABITAT OF LAPEER, MI; it will be raffled this December.


OKAY, it is not turkey but I like it with chicken better. BTW I cook by the seat of my pants, and improvise all the time. Recipes posted from the original source but I make notations about how I changed and improvise them.

6 chicken breast, flatten between plastic wrap or wax paper.

Make a herb butter by softening half cup butter ( I usually make double and use in other recipes) Chop chives and / or chopped green onion tops (tbsp each) to taste, garlic POWDER 1/4 TSP to taste. Shape into a log about 1 to 2 inches round. freeze, then cut into small slices about 1/4 inch thick.

Take the flatten chicken breast and put a slice of the herb butter in the center. Roll/ fold and secure with tooth pick or long skewer.

Mix 3 cups crushed corn flakes, Two tablespoons snipped parsley, 1/2 tablespoon paprika
butter milk or milk ( 1/2 cup) (Can add an egg, beaten in the dip.)

Dip the chicken roll in the butter milk then in the cereal mixture. Place rolls in a baking dish seamed side down. Cook uncovered at 425 degrees x 30-35 minutes.

265 calories per serving

I have substituted the corn flakes for other plain cereals when I did not have cornflakes. I have also used bread crumbs… my favorite was rye bread crumbs. For the dip I have substituted plain yogurt and or sour cream ( half and half) It usually depends upon what I have in my kitchen that day. I also increased the amount of seasonings, because I am Italian and love the flavors of garlic, chives and or green onions.

Happy Quilting,
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