Can Not Sew—but I can dream!

I have not had time or energy to sew this week… getting some painting done on the nights my three year old grandson is not home. Slow but sure works this turtle. I might be done in a year. I am working on my kitchen / sewing area so I can get it up and running. I set up a small sewing area up in the corner of a bedroom. At night I have been sewing two and half inch triangles using three methods. I will be posting pictures and simple tutorials in the future.

On other nights I have been playing with my EQ, which brings me to the topic of today’s blog. I have been playing with Amy Ellis’ Stonehenge –183 block for several nights. She has just blogged about …… Amy’s blocks in MODERN BLOCKS. I am posting the original version of the block and hopefully this weekend the another block where I played with color.

One thing I have noted about the book, most of the directions are based on straight piecing of small patches. That is great for scrappy quilts (controlled or uncontrolled) where you sew cut patches together. For two color quilts I prefer strip sets. I am going to have to figure it out for myself. Another problem with the book is the lack of yardage for quilts, but having reviewed other block books they never include yardage for quilts either. I guess I am getting lazy in my old age and want everything handed to me. Maybe, it is because I hate math.

block B- 183 Stonehenge

block A-183

Amy Ellis -182- Modern Block


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