Surprise from EQ play and sewing anywhere and no where…..


Well the house is still being painted and I still do not have a sewing area. Furniture and stuff (junk) is being shifted from room to room while the painting is going on. I might never get the house back together. Painting can only be done on the weekend my grandson is not at home. During the weeks in between I run around getting supplies and cleaning and just trying to survive. I have been de-cluttering and downsizing, planning for the future trying to make the house more liveable for now and the future

I have not had a place to sew for a while but I have come up with a substitute area by getting rid of a dresser I have been able to set up my new sew-ezi portable table against a wall in a bedroom. I have also been able to sew in the living room when no one else is at home. I cannot work on big projects but I can piece. I am currently working on half square triangles. I am participating in an exchange at two local quilt shops. One shop is limiting their half square triangles to civil war/ 1800 reproductions or batik fabrics. The other shop just wants darks and lights mostly neutrals. My project will be very scrappy as I have been sewing for both groups. We are using triangle papers to help people maintain correct size… One store sells THANGELS, the other store uses Edyta Sitar’s triangle papers, either papers can be used at either store. Several ladies are also printing out their own triangle papers using a software program. I plan to review all the products on a future blog / podcast.

Today’s post I am just going to discuss the blocks/ quilt I am planning to put my triangle patches into. I found this block in MODERN BLOCKS from your Favorite Designers. I plugged it into EQ and was totally taken back by the final quilt top. I did not foresee how the blocks would look in a quilt. I was totally and pleasantly surprised. Originally I was not excited about the triangle exchange and was just participating because my friends were. Now that I have selected this pattern I can look forward participating in the exchange. I will be posting on this project while it is in progress.


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