Playing with EQ – Learning to draw Curves

lemon lime -v2-102
Lemon and Lime 102-v2

Lemon Lime Quilt -102 v2-mod

This was my first block I drew and worked on for two hours.


Lemon and Limes Block- 102

Lemon and Lime Quilt on Point

Lemon and Limes Quilt -102- original

I am once again playing in EQ but this time I am trying to learn how to use the EASY DRAW feature with the curved line patch draw. This is harder than I thought because I often do not get the snaps closed which results in excessive coloring when I apply the fabric colors from the stash. All the contrast between the different segments in the block. I have tried multiple times and finally I got he block I wanted, but it took several hours.

The block I played with was LEMONS AND LIMES-102, from my current favorite book…. MODERN BLOCKS, from your Favorite Designers. The block is made of a combination of traditional DRUNKARDS PATH patches and plain colored patches. I found I really liked the block set on point. I have only made one on point quilt, but I think I am willing to try another one.

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6 thoughts on “Playing with EQ – Learning to draw Curves

  1. I like the on-point version as well–reminds me of carousel polls. You could do some great embellishing on that! 🙂 But I also like the original version too. Looks like it could be a really fun scrap quilt. How big are the blocks?

    1. The entire book… MODERN BLOCKS from your favorite Designers … all blocks are 12 inch finished. I have been playing with EQ and drafting out the blocks because I want to learn how to make nicer drafts… I also have to see a quilt laid out before I commit to an entire quilt. … I am terrible when I do MYSTERY QUILTS…. DRIVES me nuts not to know what the end quilt should look like…. CONTROL ISSUES LOVE THE BOOK … found about 12 blocks I could make quilts our of… book has 100 block in it.


  2. I find I love my new book MODERN BLOCKS from favorite designers.. they are new and interesting style of blocks and always surprise me with the results. I got it on Amazon for a decent price and I think it will be worth it.


    1. I agree I have been having fun just playing with EQ today… I can barely move since I spent all day painting a living room wall yesterday. EQ drawing is harder then I thought it would be… but if you increase the snap points to maximum you get a better patch drawing.



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