BOOK REVIEW: Stitch-opedia: The only embroidery reference you’ll ever need.

Stitch-opedia: The Only Embroidery Reference You'll Ever NeedStitch-opedia: The Only Embroidery Reference You’ll Ever Need by Helen Winthorpe Kendrick
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This book was reviewed by Sandy at QUILTING FOR THE REST OF US, podcast. The illustrations of the stitchery alone is worth the price of the book. I am very happy I purchased this book. I am with Sandy when she says she wanted more historical information about the needlework. I too wanted more information about the source of the embroidery.

I remember doing this type of needlework for my daughter on the heirloom dresses I made. THEN SHE GREW UP and wanted STORE BOUGHT clothes like the rest of her friends.

Back in the early 1980s I took a series of classes from Shay Pendray (Hostess of THE NEEDLE WORKSHOP on PBS.) She specialized in Japanese embroidery and needlework in her shop but she taught all type of needle-works. I also took a class in Colonial embroidery through Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. This book is a good review of those classes.

What I found surprising about this book was how much things have changed and how things stayed the same. Notions, threads, fabrics evolve and improve while the stitches are the same but applied in new ways. I just might get back into stitchery again as I always found it enjoyable and relaxing.

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