Surprise EQ7 block from Modern Blocks, from Favorite Designers….

This quilt block totally surprised me when I placed it into the quilt. I did not think it would play out as nicely as it did. I am really surprised and pleased with the design that results. I thought it would be a type of rectangular circle just going round and round; light and dark playing with each other. Instead it has a creative snail’s trail look to it.


I am in a half square triangle exchange with friends from the LQS and I think this is the pattern I will make… I like it because it is different and since the triangles I will be using will be different fabrics and very scrappy this looks like it will be a great quilt to make using the exchange patches.


Still having difficulty drafting the blocks on EQ, my lines are crooked and I sometimes loose lines after carefully drafting out the block. I found by increasing the snap blocks my designs became straighter and they did not disappear as often. All the lines to need connect, you can not have “FLOATING” lines. I used quarter square triangles in my patches, this allowed me to color the patches correctly for placement. I will make the actual blocks using half sq triangles when I sew, but I did not know how to draft the block so that I got the coloration where I wanted it. I need to learn how to erase lines and redraft them. I have not learned that YET!



Diamond Ripple Quilt -46


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