Playing with EQ with MODERN QUILT BLOCKS

This is my second attempt to draft blocks in EQ7. I find I need to SEE a quilt rendition before I make it up in real life. My draft is different than the book, in part because I am just learning to draft blocks in this program and I have a hard time maintaining the proportions in the pieces. The snap points and I disagree where my lines should be. I also find I like making adjustments to the pattern. My center block is double the size of what was shown in the pattern…. but I like it.

I made this block in the colors that are in the book but I have already started pulling fabrics for this quilt and it will be totally different. For one think I will fussy cut the center and make it three inches instead of two, as I want to show off the cute directional print. Not sure which version I should do but I will definitely have to make up my mind before then.


Stretched -a

Stretched -92-b

Stretched -c


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