Playing with EQ7 and Modern Blocks, from your favorite designers.

I just got the book MODERN BLOCKS, 99 BLOCKS FROM YOUR FAVORITE DESIGNERS. This is gorgeous book and I have enjoyed looking at all the blocks. For the past two days I have been trying to draft the blocks I liked in EQ7. I will be posting my crude efforts here for the next couple of post. Here is the review I posted on GOOD READS.

Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite DesignersModern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers by C&T Publishing Design Collective
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Waiting delivery from Amazon… with baited breath. Arrived today, 10-24-11.

Blocks equal 12 inch finished.

I have been looking through this book whenever I have the chance between cooking dinner, dishes and watch my grandson so he does not terrorize the house.

There are some really great blocks in this book new innovative and creative. I could probably think of more positive adjectives another time but right now I am TOO tired to think of them. I am looking forward to making some quilts using these blocks. There are a large number of techniques used including strip piecing, partial seams and paper piecing, embroidery and applique.

Templates and pattern pieces for the majority of the blocks are included. Other pieced blocks have cutting directions. Everything needed is pretty much supplied to be able to make these blocks. That said their are some glaring omissions.

Missing ….

Several blocks should be shown as multiples as a quilt top to get the full impact of the block. NO QUILT TOPS are in this book. I would have like to see at the least a EQ7 rendition. As is the blocks I am really interested in I have to draft in EQ7 before I would proceed with the quilt top.

Something else I noted and this is a pet peeve of mine with all patterns/ books lately. Patch sizes are not included in the patterns. Since the size of patches are important to accuracy of the block I feel all patterns should include patch sizes during construction. All blocks are 12 inch finished in the book.

I wish that in the future that the applique and embroidery blocks are kept in their own book instead of in a piecing book. I think there will be more books like this in the future and I look forward to collecting them all.


I have been drafting out the blocks in EQ for the last two nights and seeing what the quilts look like. I am doing this for two reasons, one I wanted to see what the quilts would look like made from these book and two to become proficient with EQ7. The blocks I have made have been very exciting.


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