Garden Lattice -80- Made in EQ7

Garden Lattice Block (80)

This is a block from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, a couple of my favorite designers. I attempted to make a block in EQ7. I was not very successful. I need to learn how to line up the snap points better. I also made a picture of what the quilt looked like. That is the really reason I am playing in EQ…. I want to see what the quilt would look like in an entirety. I think that was one of the few things I did not like about the book. There were no picture of quilts made from the block in book.

The instructions to make the block were easy to understand. I have some cute baby print fabric I plan to use to make the blocks. I know Ringle and Kerr, used solid material /colors but I plan to work out of my stash in order to make my quilts. I will post pictures when I am working on the project.

Garden Lattice Quilt

Speaking of Ringles and Kerr, they are publishing a magazine.


I am going to give the magazine a try, because I want to see what the MODERN QUILT movement is all about.

I will be posting more EQ blocks and quilts as I play with EQ. This is not a bad way to play with quilting while my sewing machine is still tucked away while we work on the house.

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2 thoughts on “Garden Lattice -80- Made in EQ7

  1. Nonnie,
    Thanks for your kind words about our designs. I agree with you entirely about the frustration of “Block” books that don’t show how a completed quilt will look. When we design in blocks, we’re doing so with the finished quilt in mind.

    It’s great that you’re learning EQ because that will help you visualize blocks well.

    I hope you love our new magazine. We’re excited about the quilts in it as well as the fresh approach to the design and layout of the patterns and the magazine as a whole.

    Happy Quilting!
    Bill Kerr

    1. Thank you Bill, so far I have liked all the blocks you have in the book. Garden Lattice, Just Passing Through and On the Fence. So far, I have most of your books and I love them. I used the patterns for the charity quilting project I just worked on with my friends… the challenge with that was working with donated fabric… but it was fun and they came out pretty good. I plan to make a few of my favorite patterns for my home I like your ascetic.

      Thank you again for stopping by … PS I LOVE your wife blog and have it in GOOGLE READER so I can follow it.


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