SEWING I hate to DO!!! a rant!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY HUBBY…… but I hate to shorten his jeans/ pants. He wears industrial grade jeans because he works at a dirty fix machinery kind of job and he ends up in a dirty environment more times then not. Anyways he is kind of short so ANY PANTS HE BUYS…. I have to shorten so they fit. Problem is he can never decide where he wants his pants to hit his shoes and the leg length to be so he is happy. He knows this is an important decision because I WILL NOT SHORTEN THEM TWICE.

We go through an elaborate ritual to get hem length correct. First we wash the pants in very hot water to shrink the fabrics of the jeans. Then he puts the pants on (with his shoes and belt on) and I pin baste the jeans to the correct length. I then tape the hem into place and take out the pins. I use Scotch Transparent tape because I sew through the tape and it is helpful when I am lining up the hem fold. Sometimes I have had to cut off a lot of fabric to make the double folded hem, which is traditional in jeans. If Hubby has bought a shorter pair of jeans and I do not have enough hem I just fold them over.

When hemming his jeans I use heavy thread (50 or 40 weight, jean color or the gold they use in traditional jeans) and I use a 16 or 18 top stitch needle. I figure if that size is good for quilting it is good for sewing jeans. I also tend to use larger stitch size so if I need to pull it out it is easier plus I like the look of the larger stitch on the hems.

Well, this is the end of my rant….. I have to go hem some jeans…

Happy Quilting,



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