NO quilting… Staycation…. Hadley Quilt Show….

SORRY FOR THE ABSENCE but September has been a busy month for me. I spent time getting ready and finishing my quilts for the HADLEY MICHIGAN QUILT SHOW. Pictures can be seen on my flicker group. I plan to post more pictures but I need to have time to do it. Time is so fleeting.

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Nonnie Quilting DREAM Photo Stream

TIME has been short through September. My grandson went to visit his paternal grandparent in Arizona and we took advantage of his much missed absence to take our own stay-cation and tear about the house. We collected empty boxes to fill with donations to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. We had to arrange for disposal for old paint and other house hold products via a disposal recycle company. We also rented the biggest (6 ton) dumpster and filled it twice with junk from the barns and garage(s.)twice.

I have yet to tackle the basement but I am getting there. That is where I store much of my quilting stash. The very thought of clearing that stuff out gives me the shivers. I have planned to divest myself of fabrics I am no longer in love with. We, meaning a group of ladies in Hadley MI, is now starting (November, 2011) a once a month on first Wednesday a quilting group. We will be meeting at the town hall and it will be open to anyone who brings a project to work on. The idea will be this is serious quilting sessions. In the past our group has dissolved into social group more than a place to learn to do different techniques, learn how to quilt and to work on projects. We lost many members who wanted to quilt not bitch. Anyways we will have a bi yearly charity quilting and I plan to donate fabric to that.

More blogging to come when I have time… got some great book reviews coming. I have gone to Good Reads and have been writing links there to my older books, but I have some recent purchases I will post here.

In the mean time, HAPPY QUILTING, Nonnie’s Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

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