Back to basics…… relearning how to sew on binding… a quandary

Incorrect sewn on binding.... finished results will be a poorly round corner

Incorrectly sewn on corner --too much bulk-- rounded corner-- miter incorrect

Sewn HALF INCH BINDING - poorly defined miter

Let me say right now that I like the larger half inch binding on the front, more than the skinny quarter inch binding. The half inch binding is what I want to improve.

I sewed on the binding like I always have, since I first learned how to sew binding about 5 years ago. I now realize I have been extraordinarily lucky as my bindings usually sewed on nicely and looked decent when I finished. Or, I did not know any better and now see how bad they are. My eyes were opened last night when I got a mini lesson in sewing on binding last night as we examined the binding I had sewn on last Saturday. Even though I had pinned like crazy the binding wavers ever so slightly and is uneven size on the front. My corners are not secure enough to make a crisp mitered corner. They are looking rounded.

My current quandary is ……

1. Should I just sew it on for the sewing bee quilt show on Saturday as is? Once on I will never take it apart as I never undo what is done. Finished is better than perfect.

2. Should I leave it un-sewn and just pin like heck as no one will be able to see it unfinished since it will be against a wall. I can then take apart after the show and do it right. I would then have time to take a private lesson binding from Kay Isbell a professional binder for local area long armers.

I am on vacation next week but all time has been allotted for painting and fixing up projects around the house and I did not leave more time for sewing other than sewing on this binding at night. What is my personal standard of accuracy and perfection? Will I accept the flaws in my otherwise almost perfect quilt?
I now understand why binding knock out a quilt from completion in a quilt show.

One thought on “Back to basics…… relearning how to sew on binding… a quandary

  1. Hi Nonnie

    I never tried quilting and yours looks really nice on the picture! I would go with No2, rather pin it now and stitch it properly afterwards. I also hate to unpick something but I would like it better if I know it was correct. I’m sure nobody will know you pinned it. 🙂

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