On going conversation with Annie Smith at Quilting Stash Podcast

LINK TO: http://simplearts.com/blogs/ ANNIE SMITH’S PODCAST … shows 209, 210 and 211 …. Discussion about QUILT SHOW JUDGING

AS I posted previously I am recuperating from the Saturday Sew In All Day Session. I have decided I have gotten really old cause I took naps all day Sunday to rest up to go to work. The only other quilting I have been doing is having a running conversation via comments and emails with Annie Smith of QUILTING STASH PODCAST about judging in a quilt show, copying quilts and copy-rights. I have found it very interesting and Annie is so knowledgeable you just have to learn from her.

Right now Annie is offering opportunities to have her evaluate your quilting for free. She is also restructured her on line quilting classes so that it is user friendly and allows the online quilter to work at her own pace. I am thinking of taking the class on color and fabric selection. Her classes are perfect for someone who wants to improve their quilting.

This is all for now, cause I got to get ready for work.


https://nonniequiltingdreams.wordpress.com/ Nonnie’s Blog

http://nonniesquiltingdreams.podbean.com/ Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

Pod cast link for Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams

email me at: nonniequiltingdreams@gmail.com


Close up of the applique

Yvonne's Lone Star Spectacular
Donated to our charity quilt project -- made from fat quarters... Love it!
BRIGHTS AND BLACK ... Stash buster ... using left overs


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