Has this ever happened to you?

What a mess !

I went to a Saturday Sew-In retreat yesterday. I had looked forward to this day all month and was not going to miss it. I had slept poorly the night before but I was determined to be there all day, because I was in the mood to sew. I have not had the chance to sew for the previous couple of weeks.
The first project I worked on was adding binding on my quilt. It took twice as much time as usual to apply my binding to my quilt. I kept wandering off to see everyone else projects. Of course, I also spent time at the pot luck buffet table too.

My second project did not go too well. I had packed up the quilt top by rolling it on batting I was using as my design wall. I thought that by rolling my quilt top on the batting it would be protected. I opened my quilt top up and you can see the mess it was. I had to re-press the entire quilt top, before, I could assemble it.

This was not the first time I have had problem trying to get a quilt top to a retreat so that I can work on it. The quilt top always arrives crunched and messed up. How do you transport half assembled quilt tops? I have tried rolling up the quilt top on a pool noodle. I tried putting it on a flannel tablecloth. Any way, I have tried to transport my partially assembled quilt top results in more work and a crumbled top. I am to the point where I do not even want to try and prep my quilts unless I find a better method for transport. I now have the entire top assembled and will be dropping it off to the charity quilter this week.

The third project I worked on was to apply borders on assembled quilt tops. They too will be dropped off at the quilters. I have one more project to work on then my part of the charity quilts will be finished, except for binding the quilts. We plan to hand stitch the bindings and some will be applied by machine.


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One thought on “Has this ever happened to you?

  1. Nonnie,
    I take pictures of my quilt top on the design wall with my phone. Then I can easily put it back up on the wall when I get to wherever it is that I’m going to sew that day.


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