Second Theory: Season’s In a Quilter’s Life

Let me remind you that my theories are in progress and usually borne in the dark of the night…..

I am not as well read as I use to be…. I remember a Shakespearean sonnet about the Seasons in a man’s life … infant to child, to school boy, to young Lothario, to the final old man at the end of his life, but for the life of me I could not find that sonnet when I looked it up. If you know of a link or even the name please contact me with the information.

Along that same vein I have been thinking about the LIFE OF A QUILTER (non professional) … maybe this is just my life in quilting but then again I have seen the same scenario in the life of other quilters. Here is my second theory, it is still evolving……

Birth: Discovery of the craft……

You go to a quilt show or take a class at the behest of a friend or someone is getting married, or a baby is being welcomed into the family. What ever the initial exposure the bug bites. You make your first quilt, it is not a masterpiece but you fall in love with the process. YOU discover there is a hidden artist in you. The fabric, the patterns, the society of other quilters spur you to make more quilts. The more you learn the less you know and the more you want to know. YOU immerse your self in the reading of magazines and books about quilt techniques, quilt history, anything to do with fabric and quilting. Quilts and quilting devour all your spare times. You abandon other crafts you had participated because none are as fascinating or as creative as quilting. ( At least not in your eyes and mind.)

School Time: Learning Mastery……
Whether self taught or taking every class within a 50 mile radius of your home, the drive is to learn everything you can and develop the mastery of the quilting techniques.

You can barely get a moment to yourself to breath…. So you have to grab a moment to quilt / craft whenever you can…. Mostly when THEY are asleep. Projects take FOREVER ! ! !


THE NEST is empty and you look to fill your time and find your own peer group…. Quilting fever takes hold… YOU take classes, go on retreats, go into a frenzy of quilting for the newly wedded children and the grand-kids that come along.

Maturity: YEARN TO GIVE……

Either the quilter have made so many quilts that everyone in the family and their cousins have multiple or you find a person or organization that has nothing and needs a lot.

Seniority strikes:
The muse strikes, you quilt your MASTERPIECE (s), working on it for months, and you feel you can never achieve such perfection again… so you stop working on such big projects and make wall-hangings, purses, gee-gaws instead. You dabble but no longer wish to struggle with the big “ones.” Besides it has become exhausting to wrestle with those really big quilts.

You go to the guilds and bees for the socialization, but every bed has several quilts… your kids have said NO MORE QUILTS. Your hubby says NO MORE STASH (It fills the basement), just when you decide you hate your stash and do not want to work with it.

YOU, now go into a frenzy of de-stashing….. Give to family and friends, try to encourage new young quilters. Sew/ give to charity quilters, open your own quilt shop, have a garage sale. Heaven to bid you let your family give/ sell / deal with your stuff after you have gone to the big quilt retreat in heaven. (REMEMBER TO WRITE A WILL TELLING YOUR FAMILY WHO IS AND WHO IS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE YOUR STASH; AND WHAT TO DO WITH THE REST OF IT.)

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