FIRST OF TWO THEORIES: in progress, currently evolving.

THEORY ONE: Why commentators do not comment:

If you listen on an i-pod while doing other things…… you mean to comment but do not get on the computer till a later time and by that time you have forgotten what your WITTY, INSIGHTFUL COMMENT WAS … so you skip commenting altogether.

You are driving in your car listening …carrying on a conversation with the podcast. When it comes time you can comment you have had your say, won the argument and are willing to leave bygones be bygones and go on to something else.

If YOU are listening on your computer while you quilt… the quilt takes a turn for the worst when you are listening to the podcast and requires your full attention.

You are listening to the podcast in the darkness of the night (Isn’t insomnia a wonderful thing!) and after you comment you read what you wrote and it makes no sense so you erase it and go back to sleep.

A new podcast is released so you think you have lost the moment and decide you will post on the new podcast instead. Then you do not get around to it for all the above reasons…. and it all starts over again.



3 thoughts on “FIRST OF TWO THEORIES: in progress, currently evolving.

  1. The first paragraph is me. Lots of times I think wonderful witty comments while I’m listening, but by the time the podcast is done, I’ve totally forgotten.

    I always listen while I’m doing something else – cleaning, cooking, driving, so I can’t make my comment right then.

    Rhonda complained about this in her last podcast – she says she always asks questions in her podcasts, but no one answers. I did make a point of answering that one.

    Maybe, if you have questions, you should put them in the show notes, along with your links and photos. That might help some of us remember.

  2. Nonnie, this is exactly what I was thinking the other day. Most of my listening is either done in the car or during the day when I am way busy to be able to pull out pen & paper doing other things. I’m trying really hard throughout my day to not be so distracted all the time, which usually means, that pen & paper & comments are out.

    And then the other day I did decide to think about just commenting on the next podcast too because a) it took me a few days to actually listen to the podcast b) the podcaster puts out regular episodes and I can’t remember between one or the other sometimes or c) something later in the podcast distracted me and made me forget my original comment idea.

    And we have a lot of very prolific podcasters. Perhaps if people were a little slower that last option wouldn’t happen, but then again, I would have to listen to more “other stuff” which frankly isn’t as much fun.

    Oh, but I’ve never stopped a quilt mess (yet) due to a podcast problem. I do like when my quilting podcast friends help me work on quilts though.

    Although I don’t usually have the insomnia comment one though. That’s usually when I ‘speed read’ through blog posts that I’m never caught up on, and don’t really know what I’m reading.

    I still wish wordpress & blogger were more translatable. When I leave comments on blogger, I wish my gravatar & login would follow me there too. I bet the blogger people feel the same when commenting on my wordpress site.

  3. So true, but I actually keep a little pad in my van (which is where I do most of my listening) so that when I hear something on a podcast that I want to comment on I just jot down a very brief note. However, I’ve been having trouble with commenting on some of the newer podcaster blogs. I’ve sent a few emails & some of them have changed their settings, but some of them still have not.

    Chester, NY

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