Surfing the web and just want to share what I have found:

I spent sometime surfing the web and just want to share the following links:

Leah Day’s Free Motion Quilting Project

What I specifically want to share is the result of the challenge… some really cute quilts. This challenge will have more information coming as they go to the next step. What I really liked was reading each quilter’s design notation on the blog. They talked about how they came up with the design, picking the fabrics, making the quilt, and most of all the free motion quilting design.

Challenge Finalist

I hope some of these little quilts get sent to Ami Simms for her Alzheimer Quilt Initiative, as they are the ideal size for Ami’s project. Speaking of the Alzheimer Project, Ami has put a shout out for more of the priority quilts for her to take to HUSTON MARKET THIS FALL. SO make time to make and send her a quilt. I heard rumors for one of her volunteers ( Ami lives here in MI.)that the number of priority quilts have fallen off while the demands have risen. Information on her link, read it for yourself.

Please take the time to make a priority quilt, I am.


I plan to post more links to interesting blogs in the future, with the hope of getting the word out.

NONNIE Nonnie’s Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

Pod cast link for Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams

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