We had our CHARITY Sew-In last Saturday, initially I was disappointed at the small turn out. But the ladies who showed up were efficient and hard working full of wonderful ideas to make our projects easier and better. Jean H and her sister Doreen who is visiting from Alaska each knocked out a quilt and then went on to make part of a second quilt that only need borders. ( I did the math, that is why they came out undersize…. My MATH SKILLS… SUCK!) GOOD THING I found the perfect border fabric for this undersize quilt in my stash.

I guess I am DECLUTTERING ala QUILTING IN THE REST OF US…. But in my own way. Here are pictures of the quilts tops and where they are in the process. I will be posting more pictures of what is completed, soon.

InterNet Blocks 54 x 83 - gender non specific

This quilt came out slightly undersized as it it 53 inches wide and we wanted the quilt top to be between 6o to 66 inches wide. This gives me the oppurtunity to apply the cutest stripe fabric border fabric, this quilt will be adorable.

Boy - sports-Internet blocks 60 x 84

We thought this quilt with the sports/ boy theme blocks would work best for a younger boy. We used the black to pop the bright blocks and we figured it would hide dirt better. …

J.D - bom blocks- 60 x 82

J.D. donated blocks from the B.O.M. the group hosted three or four years ago. She made all the blocks but never put them in a quilt. I designed the layout for this quilt after laying it out on my grandson’s bed. The big center panel is a great place for some quilting. I was trying to keep the sewing simple so I made the center panel bigger then I normally would. If I was sewing it for my home I would probably have put a center and two side borders of four inches. I do like this one the way it is when I put it on a bed.

There were only 4 kits left to make at the end of the sewing sessions and some of the ladies took those kits home to work on and return to us in the future. I also have a kit out with a lady who could not make it to the sewing session. All in all I will have six completed quilt tops done by the end of his week, with several more in progress. We also have two of the WONKY NINE PATCH quilt tops having borders added and then they will be ready for the long armer.


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4 thoughts on “CHARITY QUILTING: using the INTERNET BLOCKS

    1. I like how the sashing and alternate blocks allowed me to use less of the blocks in one quilt and have them available to a second quilt. It really spread my scarce resources. I will now be able to make two extra quilts with the INTERNET DONATION BLOCKS.



    1. I plan to post more pictures ….. especially of the finished quilts…when we get that far. Our quilt show will be in September and the charity quilts will be featured.


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