Big Investment in my Quilting future

I had EQ 5 then 6 and I have been resisting buying the new version as my computer had crashed and I could not use the older versions EQ on my new computer. Even though I loved making virtual quilts and dream up my own designs and quilt tops, I resisted buying EQ7 til recently. I broke down and bought EQ7 just this week.

Working on the charity quilts, I came to realize how difficult it was to design quilts on paper if you have no artistic talent. What I realized what use to take me just a short period of time now took several hours and the final design left a lot to be desired. So I am anxiously waiting for my copy of EQ7.


This is one of the new books I recently received from Amazon. I have only had it for a few hours but I look forward to making some of these blocks as I have been cutting my fabric from my stash into jelly rolls. There are over 50 blocks in the quilt made from jelly rolls. My only complaint would be they have too many basket blocks… I do not like basket blocks… I figure if you do one basket block you have done them all. The basket block was one of the first blocks I ever made, so I have done mine.

I am glad the Lintotts include the block size in the book. I consider this an important piece of information that I think should be included all books, not just this book. I do wish,however, they had included the block size with the block instructions not just in a table in the front of the book. I had to go through the book and label all the blocks. That is a minor consideration.

I like this book and recommend it to anyone who wants to make a SAMPLER QUILT. I consider Samplers as one of the best teaching tools there is in quilting. You learn and practice multiple techniques that is necessary for any quilter’s tool belt. I like the use of the pre-cuts as they are the wave of the future.

Happy Quilting,

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