My friend Darla ( SCIENTIFIC QUILTER) posted this message ON BIG TENT. I think all quilting bloggers should re post the information on their blogs…..LET US SPREAD THE WORD!

I found a website that lead me to this amazing looking miniseries that will be on PBS in the fall: Why Quilts Matter.

This looks like a good miniseries, help me ladies to remember to watch it when it comes out! Talks about the history of quilts in America, goes into lots of topics – art, politics, history, community … lots of things! Here is the website.


IF WE QUILTERS WANT MORE OF THIS TYPE OF PROGRAMING WE NEED TO MAKE SURE WE WATCH AND LET PBS KNOW BY WRITING TO THEM. We also need to drive the rating up by posting on every forum, blog we post on and let others know. If every quilter watches this program I think quilting will begin growing again.


Good news! You do not have to wait until early fall to see this remarkable series about quilts that will educate and entertain, episode by episode, when it premiers on PBS stations. Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics, the ultimate guide, is available now on DVD, at this website.

Why Quilts Matter DVD Set Order your personal two-disc DVD set (containing all 9 full episodes and extras) today for only $39.95 by clicking the “Add to Cart” button directly below.

The DVD set also includes bonus material not seen in the documentary series including The Swing, A Young Collector, Why This Series?, Dancing Quilts, Cheap Date, Judging a Book by its Cover, Antique Shows: The Back Side, and more. Price: $39.95 Nonnie’s Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

Pod cast link for Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams

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3 thoughts on “PSB SPECIAL — WHY QUILTS MATTER– Coming this fall!

  1. I am pretty sure I am going to get the DVD set… I love DVDs but I will still watch when broadcasted. I want PBS to know quilters want quilt shows.


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