Sewing with friends

Inspired by the pattern-- BOX CAKE from Cozy Quilts Designs



This quilt was inspired by the pattern BOX CAKE by Cozy Quilt Designs. ROXY had picked up a copy of the pattern at her last shopping trip. The pattern called for 10 inch layer cakes of which I had none but I had tons of 6-1/2 inch patches for the charity quilts. So we sewed the four patches together following the picture lay out for the pattern. Laid it out on batting and are in the process of assembling the top.

We are at my friend’s little cabin, no kids, no hubbies. Just a couple of old “broads” with sewing machines. This little cabin has a lot of amenities but it does not have a design wall and hardly enough room to stretch out the twin size batting to make sure we were assembling the quilt correctly. Guess, how we learned that we had to organize some kind of lay out? Let me just say my seam ripper and I became one. We first sorted through the patches to try and organize some cute arrangement with the donate fabrics. (Yes this will be charity quilt.) We then laid out the four patches we had sewn together on batting. We had sewn them all together last weekend. We the rolled it up to make it easier to travel with… Unfortunately as you can see the project did not travel well and got very wrinkled. We are re-ironing the blocks before we put them together. We should have it assemble by the end of the weekend. I will be posting follow up pictures when it is fully assembled.

In case you are wondering… I asked Roxy if she would be willing to be interviewed for the podcast and she flatly refused. But I am working on her. I think she would be an interesting guest cause she has had an eventful life and quilting history. I like the stories of quilters, don’t you?

Happy Quilting,
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