Took forever… but here is the almost finished MY FABRIC TALKS TO ME, quilt.

My fabric TALKED to me. August 2011

Botanicals by Judith Baker Monsanto and Shadow Play in gold and beige


MY FABRIC TALKS TO ME QUILT… is a four patch in a kaleidoscopic arrangement, mirror imaging each other. The fabric used with Judith Baker Monsanto’s Botanical collection. The paisley border is from the same collection. I used two shades of gold but because I did not have enough of the fabrics I change the coloration placement which resulted in a pleasing pattern. Needless to say I am proud of this quilt.

You can back track to read about this quilt in blogs for January and March 2011 when I started making this quilt. Warning I “whined” a lot.

Happy Quilting,

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13 thoughts on “Took forever… but here is the almost finished MY FABRIC TALKS TO ME, quilt.

  1. Hi Nonnie!

    I discovered you through the off kilter quilter (I recently discovered her podcast, and I can’t wait to start listening to yours).

    I just wanted to let you know that this quilt is absolutely stunning. The colors, the quilting, the pattern, and the sheer size is simply breathtaking. I am practicing my quilting, so I can make quilts like this. It is truly inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    What did you use for the back?

    1. All I have to do is apply the binding… pink paisley from the border. I plan to do that after the big charity sewing session next week end. I hope we get some quilters… so far no one has said they were coming except for myself, my neighbor and one other lady…. I am really beginning to worry.


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