MY new pretty – –

Sewing Machine Carrier by BLUE FIG COMPANY

I picked up my new sewing machine carrier for my Bernina. This is the largest of the carriers and it fits my BERNINA 440 QE, my table and all the other various feet and supplies that I need at class or retreat or where- ever I take my machine. I got the darkest fabric they had had but the contemporary pattern. I figure it will look nicest for the longest. (DOES REQUIRE MINOR ASSEMBLY.) This is the best structured sewing machine carrier I have ever seen and I have been checking out all of them. The cost was less than the one that sells at Jo-Ann Fabrics and at the Bernina store. As a matter of fact Bernina (store nearest me) is suppose to be contracting for specialized bags to fit the Bernina machines. I love it best because you can strap your machine in nice and secure. My old carrier (which now house my class machine)was pared down and no straps for the machine. The sales man said this carrier was designed by a quilter. Anyways, did I tell you I love it? ( No I am not paid to advertise this carrier. )

Blue Fig Co.


Blue Fig Co.

Happy Quilting,


4 thoughts on “MY new pretty – –

  1. Nonnie,
    I checked the price….My next question would be….Do you know if anyone has used this bag as carry on when traveling. Does it fit in the overhead bins? OR Would the 440 be too heavy exceeding the weight restriction? There have been times I wish I could travel with my Bernina!

    1. I think this bag is too large for the over heads and could not be a carry on luggage. It wheels great…. my grandson crawled in it I wheeled him around. Having a close up look I can say it is stronger construction than the wheeled carriers I previously bought at Jo-Ann’s and Bernina. Absolutely love it. I was lucky in that we were able buy at a discount since the shop we saw the demo at just charged cost and shipping fees… no mark up. E. says we are her best customers and have kept her afloat during the good and bad times so we got a discount. It does need some assembly.


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