Successful Mitered Corners

Mitered Corners... Success !

I finally finished my THE FABRIC TALKS TO ME QUILT. I mitered the corners, this is only the second time I have ever mitered corners. I used a hand applique method that was featured in an old article in QUILTER’S NEWSLETTER. I think I did a okay job of it. I definitely will do this technique again. It is currently at the long arm quilters.

My podcast will be late. I find I can either sew or I can podcast but trying to do both does not work well.

Charity Quilt update:

I have received 75 blocks and have included them in 3 in progress quilts. 1/ Girly, Bright fabrics with lots of florals and a lot of pink 2/ I Spy Boy quilt with all kinds of sport and masculine novelty prints. 3/ Gender Neutral Quilt that has brights but novelty prints are gender non specific. 4/ Red, white and Blue Patriotic. I am hoping these will be assembled at the July sewing camp I am trying to set up. Still waiting for confirmation from the hall manager.

If you would like to send in FOUR PATCH BLOCKS ( 12-1/2 INCH) to donate to the Whaley House Quilts, I am still in need. I will re-post the link to the directions.

Directions for FOUR PATCH BLOCKS

Well good night to all,
Happy Quilting,

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3 thoughts on “Successful Mitered Corners

  1. THANKS LADIES…. I AM RATHER PROUD OF IT…. I do not understand why they say miters are that hard…. Maybe because I have not screwed one up…. YET…. but that day will come…. I am sure.


    Pride go–ith before the fall.

  2. I love the colours of that quilt. I always like paisley, but funnily enough have never quilted with it myself. The miter is perfect. Good job!

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