MILE-a-Minute, Giblets and Gravy a quilt block by any other name.

Straight Setting Mile a Minute Blocks / foundation peiced.

These are MILE A MINUTE BLOCKS made a couple of years ago by my daughter when she was pregnant with my grandson. She was just learning to sew and said she liked the mindless and forgiving sewing of these blocks. She just took scraps / strings and added them using the sew and flip method, until the block was big enough to square up to a consistent size. If you looked at the inside you would see that her quarter inch needed working on. She does much better now then she did then. I sewed on sashing around the blocks to get them to 11-1/2 inches in size. I am currently trying to decide whether I should stagger the blocks or have them line up in a traditional straight setting. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Staggered placement of MILE A MINUTE BLOCKS

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4 thoughts on “MILE-a-Minute, Giblets and Gravy a quilt block by any other name.

  1. HI!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving me such a sweet comment! Do feel free to “steal” my setting for my sampler quilt 😉 It really was a great way to utilize those Dear Jane blocks – otherwise they would have just been stuck in the box for ages.

    For your DJ triangles, perhaps you could do something like this:

    Love the Mile a Minute blocks! I would prefer a straight setting – the blocks themselves are so busy, the straight setting calms the over all impression down a bit.

    Take care and happy quilting!

  2. I like the staggered look – I think it’s in keeping with the improvised nature of the blocks even though in reality it takes more planning!

  3. These type of quilts never age…. are you going to finish it ? I have done 3 similar quilts with my scraps but I called the blocks “crumb blocks” based on Bonnie K Hunter’s technique…
    Love listening to your podcast !

    1. We have been doing these quilts for eons, before Bonnie Hunter. This is a very old technique for utility quilts on farms and ranches in this country. String quilts are also in this same venue. Bonnie made the patterns systematic and brought the practice to a whole new level. I love her work and look forward to seeing her workshop and lecture here in MI next year when she speaks to our guild.

      Thanks for listening and commenting.


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