Repost of Clarification of FOUR PATCH BLOCKS ….

12-1/2 inch block to be squared up by us

The patches should be 6-1/2 inches each…. YOU need four patches….

PLEASE keep the lightest fabric in the 2 and 3 position; (upper right and lower position of the four patch.)
Sew two together on the top and two together for the bottom.
Then sew them together. The finished blocks should equal 12-1/2 inches and will be squared up before we sew them together.

Just got word we have 6 quilt tops ready for quilting. 3 quilted tops being bound right now. We need 23 girl quilts and now 26 boy quilts as they got some new residents. So far most of the donated fabrics are floral/ girl style quilts.


Four Patchs made by the girl scouts


This is a wall of FOUR patches made by a girl scout troop. They made enough for two quilts. I took the one with somber colors and they are going to finish a quilt with very bright girl colors.


Thank you for your response to my plea.


Found the original post I “borrowed” the instructions from:
Quilting Stitches and Sew ON:This is a great blog in English with a little Spanish thrown in.


YOU can send the block to:
Nonnie Palmer
c/o Elaine’ s Quilty Shop
po box 194
Pam at HIP TO BE SQUARE gave me a great idea. If you do not have the time to make the blocks just send me 6-1/2 inch squares and we will sew them into blocks. My goal is to get patches for the quilt from across the internet to let the kids know there are people who care.

Happy Quilting… Nonnie

Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams- Podcast


Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams – Blog

2 thoughts on “Repost of Clarification of FOUR PATCH BLOCKS ….

  1. Hi Nonnie. Just wanted to let you know I agree with your podcast #20 “busting my stash”. I have what would be considered a small stash. I realize though that I have gotten in the habit of buying kits. I’ve almost completed a quilt kit top and as I’ve worked on it I realized that I wouldn’t have put some of these fabrics together. I worked on organizing my sewing room earlier this year and was really surprised at how much I had that I had forgotten about. Like you, I’ll be working from my stash for this year and see what I can bring it down to.

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