Christmas in June …. Thank you for the blocks you have sent….

I had Christmas today, I opened up 10 envelopes full of the 12- 1/2 inch Four Patch Blocks. I opened then at my charity sewing bee and we all just ooooohhed and ahhed. I felt like I was having Christmas again this year. Some of the blocks are being paired with blocks made my a girls scout troop. Some of the blocks were taken by the members of the sewing group as they blended with other blocks already made.

Thank you for the blocks you sent:

Joan D of Timmons, Ontario .. Some lovely neutrals and blue and white. I have a lovely quilt this will go into probably for an older girl as the fabric was so pretty.

Judy B of Love land Colorado… pretty florals, pink and purple. These blocks were taken to go in a sweet girly quilt.

Lottie D in Switzerland,
I just about fell out of my chair when I saw the envelope saying Switzerland. Some really great novelty blocks that will look great in and I, Spy Quilt. I loved the pandas.

Carolyn A from Igo California
My quilting buddy wanted to swipe the kitten and puppy squares for herself but I beat her off. I loved the jet planes and truck squares and so did my 3 year old grandson.

Diane R of San Bernadino California… love the artistic prints and it is already in a quilt. I especially liked the neutral you put with it. It matches the print and style of fabric I used for a quilt last year.

Louise of North Tonawanda New York
Your blocks are already being added to a quilt in progress… full of brights and neon colors. I loved the black confetti fabric.

Debra W of Olds, AB in Canada
Your blocks are going into two different quilts… the orange floral print is matched to a girls quilt. The sweet ABC blocks Four patch is going into a quilt for an 8 year old boy. It is looking like an I spy type quilt for him. Your blocks matched up great with some train, truck and plane fabric and school time prints.

J Gordon of Covered Aline Idaho
All the pink blocks are going in the girly brights quilt I mentioned earlier. And the animal prints and boy blocks are going into the I spy quilt. Our group had so much fun distributing the blocks into quilts that are under production. My but you were busy with your sewing to send so may blocks, it was very nice of you.

Laura of Henrico VA
Loved, Loved, Loved the flamingos and that block went to live in a bright girl quilt. I have decided not to use the disappearing FOUR patch block for all the quilt tops. I proved a little to difficult for the girl scout troop. I found a pattern for sashed FOUR patches in a straight setting for the novice quilters. We also are putting the blocks on point in a grid pattern. I found a pattern on line.

I have been told we now have 8 quilts bound and finished. 4 more quilt have been long armed and are being bound. As of today we have twenty quilt tops finished and waiting for the long armer. I plan to post pictures when we have our sewing sit in. We will be putting them all on a quilt stand so pictures can be taken.

Thanks again
Lady Rags

2 thoughts on “Christmas in June …. Thank you for the blocks you have sent….

    c/o Elaine’s Quilty Shop
    P.O. BOX 194
    HADLEY, MI 48440

    We are going to continue making the quilts till we have 45 quilts completed. We are having two sewing sessions hopefully at the fire hall.

    Right now we are looking for :
    Girly brights four patch blocks
    Young boy and teen boy four patch blocks

    I received enough blocks some half quilts. . I put the blocks in quilts in progress to supplement the blocks I have from the girl scouts and from sewing sessions.

  2. Hey Nonnie, are you still wanting more blocks? I could send some soon…just leave me your address…

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