Learning new techniques and working out of my stash

WORKING OUT OF MY STASH in a controlled manner. May 18, 2010 blog post

I recently had a lively email exchange with Sandy from QUILTING FOR THE REST OF US…. Amount other things we discussed how I used my stash when I took classes in various techniques and block of the months. I made scrappy quilt block and I worked exclusively from a two boxes of fabric where all fabrics coordinated together. I did add fabrics to the collection but they all played nice together. From this stash and the blocks I made from the classes I have made a series of quilts for family members that all coordinate. I use ITALIAN RENAISSANCE ANGEL FABRICS as the focus fabric in many of the blocks. The above link goes back to pictures I posted over a year ago about using these UFO blocks. I have several pictures of the blocks there. My next podcast which I am posting this week will be about these blocks.

Hope you will have a chance to check out the pictures when you listen to the podcast.



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